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The Deceptive Nature of Psychopaths As described by Talkspace

One interesting aspect of the psychopath is the deceptive nature of this individual. As a matter of fact, deception is one of the traits that Talkspace attributes to psychopath. Deception is actually an interesting trait when it comes to psychopaths. For one thing, psychopaths tend to be very good at deceiving people. For one thing, they often believe their own lies. Another issue is that their deceit comes from taking the truth and adding a subtle twist to it which could easily be mistaken for a different way of saying the same thing. This is one of the reasons that people have to watch the psychopath closely.

Fortunately, those that have dealt with the psychopathic ways are able to figure out deceit when they hear it. One thing that they can find is inconsistencies in a story. For instance, one psychopath might tell a story. Then one day, he might tell the same story, but with glaring inconsistencies. While there can be a slight difference in the story over time, these often come with the very small inconsequential details. One red flag is if the person that has done something has changed according to the psychopath. For instance, in one telling of the story, the psychopath names one person as the perpetrator. Then in another telling of that same story, the psychopath names a completely different person as the perpetrator.

This is just one example of the type of deceit that the psychopath is capable of. The psychopath can do even worse forms of deceits and not even have any type of remorse over it. After all, he feels that other people and the whole world is only here to serve him. This is one of the reasons that he is very ruthless when it comes to dealing with his own workers.

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