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The Skills of Robert Ivy as the CEO of American Institute of Architects

American Institute of Architects (AIA) is an organization that is located In the United States. It deals with the matters that are crucial in the field of architecture. The head office of the firm is in the city of Washington. The mission that American Institute of Architects has placed in the forefront is the delivery of the quality education and the issues of the government’s advocacy. The driving factor in the organization is the goals set by the team of experts who are also the members of the firm. There are a lot of the goals that the body has realized ever since it was founded. For instance, it has managed to improve the image of the public and train the young architectures in the field with the intention of imparting them with the real professionalism. The group has also collaborated with educated people in the area of construction to foster the co-existence of the industry.

The person who is currently Executive Officer the American Institute of Architects is called Robert Ivy. He is the trained architecture has the potential of taking the objectives of the organization to the required level. Additionally, some experts are concerned with the programs related to the fieldwork. The excellent networking in the system of the American Institute of Architects integrated by Robert Ivy has made it easier for the management to handle the arising challenges. The company of the American Institute of Architects was put in practice in 1857. The people who were behind the idea of forming the firm were 13 architectures. The reason for them pulling up their efforts was to elevate the practical and the scientific matters that are considered crucial in the space of the building. The person who was heading the firm by then was Richard Upjohn. The scope of the membership then widened to 16. One of the great achievement that the group has set in the community is the nurturing of the distinct architectures across the United States who meets the required level in the circle of professionalism. Various schools have been erected by the AIA where the qualified individuals are licensed for them to recognized as the professional architect.

In 1857, the AIA set constitution and registered. The changes in it were amended to allow artistic and practical matters to be part of the training course. American Institute of Architects through the leadership of Robert Ivy has achieved a lot as an organization.

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