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What to know about the brown modeling agency.

Founded in Austin, Texas during Spring in the year 2010. Brown Modeling agency is a service that is devoted to promoting and representing models from commercials, television, film, television, fashion, runway and other events. With Austin fashion week, New York fashion week, Miami Swim week Brown became a growing power in the modeling industry. Their models have offered exposure on thousands of brands across the globe.

In 2015 Wilhelmina Austin received Heyman-Talent-south and reinvented their brand as The Brown Modeling agency. This made a brown one of the top modeling agencies in the country as well as the state of Texas. It is important to note that, Brown Agency is the only full-service modeling agency in Austin,Texas. Wilhelmina Austinwas founded in 2010 and has become a strong force in the industry. This combination has created a created opportunity where Brown can have offices in Los Angeles as well as Dallas, but of course the headquarters will remain in Austin. The founder of The Brown Agency, Michael B. Bonnée, gave the media a statement, “We are thrilled to be joining The Brown Agency family,”. Clearly, he is excited to be a part of a modelling agency.

According to Marketwired, Justin Brown, one of the many businessmen involved with Brown Agency has been supportive of his models. According to, an Austin-based news source, Justin Brown’s Brown Agency looks after more than 450 talents. He moved to Austin in 2005, which has given him a lot of time to learn the industry in Texas and how to make his talents successful. In his time at college, he paid for his tuition costs by doing modeling and working for a modeling agency. He wants to take good care of his talents and wants to make sure that they are given fair compensation for how they contribute to the company. In college he studied Business Management. After becoming experienced in his modelling career, Brown became a trainer for other models. This means he would not only take his trainee’s skill to the next level, but he would also help others get more work in the industry.

The Brown Academy has open calls from 3-4pm every Thursday. This means that anybody who thinks they have the talent to join Brown Agency can do so. They are always looking to make great opportunities for their talents. It allows you to be on billboards, magazines or anywhere else advertisers want to put you at. This is a great option for those who do not meet the standard industry build.

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