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Paul Mampilly Discuses Success Off Wall Street

Paul Mampilly has decided to leave Wall Street. He is now founder of the market analysis and research firm Capuchin Consulting. The rollercoaster of billion dollar companies and million dollar investments will have to find a different rider. Mampilly has opted for a life of balance and meaning over high stress winning and losing.

In his interview, Paul Mampilly spoke about his newsletter Profits Unlimited. He started it after leaving his high stress position. He explained that it was his desire to inform everyday people about how to invest and enjoy the benefits of the market yet still enjoy their life.

When asked what the worst part of Wall Street was, without hesitation, he mentioned the fees. Collecting fees takes priority over the soundness of the investment all too often. Mampilly stresses that decisions need to be decided on an asset’s performance alone. That’s what the customer wants, and ultimately, that’s what will keep a broker in business.

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When asked if the market was rigged, he said yes. Insiders and big investors get information that others don’t. It’s partly just experience, but it’s also information that no one else gets. Without that information, most investors are left with common sense, and thorough study of a prospect. Looking at all the things that can go wrong is just as important as what can go right.

Another strong bit of advice Paul Mampilly offers is to follow the long term trends. Short term investments can be profitable, but in the long run, you need the solidity of industries on the way up. Technologies are always a great place to start looking. Paul Mampilly recommends the book How I Made $2 Million In the Stock Market. He feels this book has good starting tips for everyone.

Paul Mampilly comes from a successful and notable career on Wall Street. He has won several awards for his investment performance most notably the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition.

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