Save Our Swings

Securus Technologies Uncovering Drugs Inside Our Prison

Despite the best efforts of me and my entire team of corrections officers, drugs do still manage to get into our facility and into the hands of those inmates. Each time this happens, every person is in grave danger. We are not just talking about me and my fellow officers, all visitors, staff members, and inmates too, all at risk of injury when you add drugs into a volatile situation. Now we do have several resources that we use to stop the flow of these drugs, some more effective than others.


We know that the majority of drugs must come in through the visitor center, so we have a strong police presence there as well as several stations where we search the visitors and inmates alike. When we think something may have slipped by, we do surprise cell inspections to try and locate the drugs the inmates may be hiding in plain sight. These two have been very effective at controlling the flow of drugs, and we have one more that has proven to be even more resourceful than we originally thought.


Securus Technologies placed our call monitoring system in this facility, and now we can monitor inmate calls easier than any other time in the past. The system is designed to quickly do the work of several officers, and it allows my team to focus on those other areas and then come back when we get an alert there is talk about drugs on the phone. We want to strike when the iron is hot in those cases.


We have heard inmates talking about the ease in which they can get drugs in the mail, so we tightened up that area. We heard inmates talking about hiding drugs in the yard, we found them and now monitor all inmate activity in the yard more closely now.


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