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Bob Reina Wants to Change the World

Bob Reina, Talk Fusion founder, has a reputation for giving back and investing in the community. He built his video communications company on helping his clients connect and build their businesses. Since the company started in 2007, Reina also made sure to dedicate himself to investing in the community as well as his clients. Reina has always felt that with his success comes a responsibility to give back.


He has lived up to his word. He has given a record breaking million dollar donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to help local stray animals. He has given to orphanages, disaster victims, and other countless charities. He has also tasked his employees across 140 countries to do the same.


As a testament to his confidence in his product, he has asked that each employee give a charity of their choice one free full access account. The free account is for the custom monthly plan, which is the best plan Talk Fusion has to offer. Video chat, video newsletter, and the other amazing features are all included. His goal behind the new program is simple. He wants these noble charities to connect to people to their message quickly.


Bob Reina has a vision to change the world through his giving. He wants to improve his community and others world wide. Through his efforts and his commitment, he has shown his passion and dedication for others.


Talk Fusion, a video communications company, is about connecting businesses quickly and easily. Bob Reina started the business out of his own frustration in sending a video email to his mother. Now, he has created a successful business that is growing. His award winning video chat continues to break records and his full access, no commitment free trial allows potential customers to see the benefits of Talk Fusion products.

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