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Cleaning Up Your Reputation: Pushing Bad Articles Down Search Results Is A Start

Whenever you run a business or non-profit organization, you always have to check search engines to see what others are saying about you. Whether you’ve felt that your business has done well or not, negative press can always turn up online and it’s important that you know about it and do something to address it. Reviews are always going to come up on sites like Google, social media platforms, blogs, and even news sites may publish something. If your business in general has had mostly satisfied customers, chances are bad reviews will be at a minimum, but still that one dissatisfied customer could throw a wrench in everything.

Sometimes articles are published with bad information about you or your business simply because you or an employee at your company made a mistake and someone had to try and turn it into a national incident. Other times, a competitor may be trying to publish false or misleading information about you or your business, and when that happens you need to make sure the real truth is put out. But the best way to fight against bad press is to publish good press that outnumbers the bad press. Putting out press releases from your business website is one way to do this, but you also may want to consider hiring an online reputation management firm.

Reputation management firms can help cleanup messy situations when things have gotten really messy and you need some extra help to bury bad news. Most of the bad press that shows up about a company will show up on page 1 of search engines like Google or Bing, so a reputation management company that can put good press on page 1 of these search engines will take care of most of your problems. One such reputation management company that can do this is can replace bad articles with good ones focusing on the positives of your business, such as customers who’ve highly reviewed your business or how it has changed their lives. They can also list philanthropy and giving back to the community that you’ve been involved with and other things that outweigh one or two bad incidents. Simply go to their website and you can contact them and explain your case in its entirety. All you have to do is fill in your name and email and they will respond back to you in 12 hours or less.

Bury Bad Articles Helps All Companies Look Better Online

Bury Bad Articles helps a lot of companies with their reputations, and they are trying to be sure that all the negative things they are used to seeing will not be there anymore. IT is very important that someone who has been through some kind of reputation crisis has made sure that they have used this service, and they can ask for a lot of content writing that will change how their business is perceived. Bury Bad Articles can keep this up for a long time, and they will make sure that they have all their content published in obvious points online.

Bury Bad Articles has to look at the way that people are perceived online, and they have to start thinking of how they will make a change. They are writing content that can be used online to make their clients look better, and they also need to be sure that they have figured out how to make the most of the image that they now have. Their image will actually get a lot better, and they will have a chance to feel like they are no longer seen as the company that had that bad PR problem online.

The problems that companies experience online are hard to deal with in most cases because they are issues that have to be dealt with in a simple manner. The information that is online today has to be replaced with something new to bury bad news, and the something new is provided by the people at Bury Bad Articles. This is a very specific type of online reputation management that a business gets, and they need to know that they can have that content published for long periods of time if they have to. There is no other way to make their reputation shine online in the future.

Hawks Former Owner, Bruce Levenson, is Suing

The former owner of the Hawks has decided to take out a lawsuit against the insurance company that disclosed information that they should not have. He believes that there was a breach in the contract when they gave out information that they should not have. It was something that they did maliciously.

Bruce Levenson owned the Hawks in combination with a partner for a few years. He profited off of them while he was the owner, but his partner and him recently sold the team to a different owner. This was done so that they could make more profit and so that they would be able to benefit from what they had built the team up to in the time that they owned it. As an entrepreneur, Levenson knew that this was the right choice for the team and for what he wanted to get out of owning the team.

According to, before it was sold, there was an insurance company that gave information to other people. These were people who were looking for more information because they possibly wanted to buy the team. The insurance company was not authorized to give out this information and it was a breach in the privacy contract that they had in place with Levenson and his partner. It was a major issue and one that Levenson is still reeling from because he knows that it was wrong that they did this and that they were doing it with the intent to be malicious about the business that they had.

When the lawsuit came out, many people thought that it had to do with the current owner. Both the insurance company and Bruce Levenson have assured everyone that it has nothing to do with the new owners. They were not a part of the problem and they are not involved in the suit. The only people who are involved with it are the Bruce Levenson camp and the insurance company that breached the contract. He is suing them for millions of dollars because the privacy of the business and the team was compromised as a result of their information.

My Go To Lip Balm For Dry, Cracked Lips

It’s almost that time of year again for dry, cracked skin and not just the skin on our arms and legs. My lips are one of the first things to dry out and I don’t know about you, but I have tried what seems like a million different kinds of lip balm, only to be disappointed with most. Either they taste good but dry out my lips more, or they look good but still do nothing to help my dry lips.

I thought I was just doomed to have dry lips forever, until I found a brand called Evolution of Smooth, aka eos! Now, I know you’ve seen these in stores. The cute little round lip balms that girls are always carrying around and putting on. I’ve found to be super popular for younger women. Well, I thought they were just some sort of fashion trend until I bought one for myself one day.

 Evolution of Smooth was some seriously amazing stuff! First off, the rounded shape makes it extremely easy to glide on. Second, it goes on so smooth you instantly feel your lips softening up! Another great thing about it was the taste. They come in all sorts of different flavors and colors, and unlike other lip balms I’ve tried, they don’t dry out your lips at all! Trust me, you’ll notice a difference in the matter of minutes.

If you have not heard of the eos brand or have been holding off, what are you waiting for? I highly suggest you try it out. Check their products on and eBay. This is definitely going to be my go to for lip balm this fall and winter. Well, let’s face it, the rest of the year as well. Now get out there and enjoy having smooth lips of your own!

Watch this video, to learn more.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Makes it His Mission to Save Venezuela

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an outspoken Venezuelan politician and businessperson. His deep involvement in agriculture has made him concerned about the current state of the food supply in Venezuela. In addition to that, he also has concerns about the failing state of the economy. He believes that the sorry condition of the economy and food sector is because of the mismanagement of the country by the government.
Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez has made it his mission to better the state of Venezuela. He does this by speaking up for the rights and needs of not only his constituents, but also the people of Venezuela in general calling for the need for reforms. His endeavors have made him a popular man with the commoners. A majority of the people of Venezuela see him as a person that has their best interest at heart and an individual who has in him the skill set and ideas to make Venezuela a great country. Mr. Gonzalez hates to see citizens of a country that has fertile soils and hardworking and intelligent persons suffer because of a government that is corrupt and poor at managing the country’s resources.
Mr. Gonzalez’s does not only enjoy the support of the ordinary people, but also enjoys that of twenty Venezuelan political organizations. These organizations include Democratic Action, the Christian Party, the Democratic Republican Union, Progressive Advance, Movement for Socialism and Project Venezuela.
Jose Manuel Gonzalez was born in a rural village in Venezuela and it is only later in life that he moved to Caracas. While there, he pursued his education. He also was able to lead companies like SGL Technic, Bridco, Thomas Pipe and Americ Traders. His successful leadership at the companies enabled him gain trust as a financier and opened up the doors to politics. He was appointed the head of the Venezuelan Federation of Chamber and Commerce and served as the representative to the National Assembly for the people of Guarico. His high positions in life did not make him lose touch with the common person.

Be Bolder with Lime Crime

Anyone who loves color or loves nontraditional makeup knows how hard it can be to find the colors that are pleasing to the eye while still managing to be eye-catching at the same time. They struggle daily with whether they should put harmful chemicals on their face or whether it is a better idea to simply go with boring colors. Many people even have to make their own makeup because of this and end up with inconsistent results from each time that they make the choice to make the makeup that is in the colors that they love.

Doe Deere believes that she has solved this problem with her makeup brand, Lime Crime. Lime Crime is intended for people who love color but also love to have high-quality ingredients in their makeup. In the past, it was nearly impossible to find bright colors that would show up well on the skin. Makeup was made mostly in tones of beige and red. It was boring for people who love color and something that many people simply did not want to have to deal with everyday. For that reason, they just didn’t wear makeup or settled for the boring kind that they didn’t really love. Read more:

As people became more progressive, they started to recognize the need for bright and bold makeup. This makeup, however, had many dangerous chemicals in it. It came from China and it was detrimental to the skin. It caused acne as well as many other health problems because it was filled with lead. It was dangerous to use but many people still continued to use it because it was the only option that they had for the bold colors that they loved to use on a daily basis and because it was fun for them.

Doe Deere solved this dilemma. As a makeup blogger, she recognized the need for healthier makeup options all around, especially in bold-colored makeup. She knew that it would be nearly impossible to find the kind of bold makeup that she wanted without risking her health. She made her own makeup. She started to use it on her blog and her readers loved it. She made the decision to market it and the Lime Crime brand quickly grew. She began to sell it to retailers and on her website while her blog took a backseat. She now focuses mostly on the Lime Crime makeup.

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