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Kevin Seawright Helps Individuals Obtain Their First Homes


Kevin Seawright is the creator of RPS Solutions LLC. RPS Solutions LLC is a firm that is located in Baltimore that helps to manage and develop homes in neighborhoods. The people that typically buy these homes are people that would not otherwise be able to afford such a home.

RPS Solutions LLC was founded in 2015. During this year they started to renovate houses and construct them so that buyers that are financially strapped could own their own homes in Baltimore. Kevin Seawright always had a vision to make housing affordable to lower income individuals. That is why he started RPS Solutions LLC. He wanted to make owning a home easier for the residents of Baltimore. He believes that owning a home is very important. It is important because it can help add value to neighborhoods that are declining in value.

RPS Solutions LLC is working with several different people. They are working with Housing and Community Development and Baltimore City Officials. They want to fix up homes so that first time buyers that wouldn’t otherwise be able to buy a home can buy one in Baltimore.

Kevin Seawright helped a friend’s son get affordable housing. The son’s mother worked with Kevin Seawright for years in the city of Baltimore. Her son thought that he wouldn’t be able to buy a home because of his budget. However, Kevin Seawright helped him found a house.

Seawright has worked in a lot of different positions. These include the government, real estate, and education. All of these positions where in either the Baltimore or Washington, DC areas.

His company RPS Solutions LLC helps first time home buyers find affordable homes so they can buy them. They want to increase the amount of people that own homes in the Baltimore area. This will help the future of the communities there and the people.

Kevin is a wonderful man that has created an amazing company, hot on the heels of his tenure as vice president of NCEDC. He has a lot of experience with real estate. With his help and the help of his company hundreds of families are now home owners in the city of Baltimore.

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