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Back Home: Dr. Jennifer Waldren

Dr. Jennifer Walden, a top aesthetic plastic surgeon in her field, has come home to Austin, Texas to further her career and raise her family. Harper’s Bazaar has named her one of the United States 24 best beauty surgeons. She trained with one of the top beauty surgeons in her field, she has opened a successful Manhattan practice, and she is a peer acknowledged leader. She has been named as one of the only women to the board of directors for the American Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Society. She is a published author, media regular, and an award winning surgeon. When she decided to become a single mother, she knew the move back to Austin was the best one possible.

Jennifer Walden’s success comes from her hard work, drive, and compassion. She is described as warm and caring by her patients. They know how busy she is, but she never comes across as rushed to her patients. Before moving to New York, Walden received her formal education and MD from Texas universities. She wanted her large and supportive family around when she raised her two boys. Sometimes, she feels like being a surgeon is easier than being a mom. Kids are unpredictable, and the surgical room is easily controlled.

The move back home came with cost to her career but not for too long. She had to start all over again, and her supportive family played a big role in that. Her practice had to be re-established. This move was not difficult for her because she knew that she was a hard working, over achiever and she would make it happen.


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ClassDojo’s Efforts in Making School Workshops a Thing of the Past

The brilliant ingenuity that lies in Class Dojo is allowing parents to be up to date with their children’s progress in school through an interactive and easy to use platform. In building its brand and promoting itself to the market, this brilliant application has launched a new useful tool referred to as Student Stories. In this new tool, a student can upload images and videos to their profiles capturing memorable moments in their routine school days and sharing them with their families back at home.
ClassDojo came about as a means to ensure that parents are in the loop about the nitty gritty of what goes on in schools. In so doing, Student stories have enabled students to capture from a poem recitation in class to finally solving a math problem and sharing their learning experiences with their families.
In the spirit of upholding its easy-to-use interface value, the application allows students to upload their material even without having to submit their login credentials or being in possession of their own individual devices. All they have to do is scan a specific QR code, upload their material and can also comment and tag classmates with whom they were in carrying out their tasks. Content that is added by students must be approved by their class teachers before it is allowed to be sent back home to their parents.
Established in 2011 by co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, ClassDojo was formed as a means to reinvent the classroom and bring teachers, students and their parents together. The application serves as a tool for teachers to encourage their students by making the learning environment much appealing and fun. In engaging the students, teachers are able to instill the culture of teamwork persistence and hard work. The application is workable on all Android devices, Kindle Fire, and any computer device.
The application has won favor with numerous teachers and learning institutions having established itself in two of every three schools in the United States. ClassDojo allows students to not only send photos and videos to their parents but also to send instant direct messages. This user-friendly platform also allows for any announcements made to reach the involved parties in only a matter of seconds. In earning the trust of their extensive clientele, the company guarantees the outmost privacy and security of all information and material that is uploaded to the application.


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Talk Fusion: Leader in Video Communication

Video communication is increasingly becoming more and more popular. Maybe it’s because everyone is looking for instant information. People want to visually see and hear the latest news. That is why Talk Fusion is quickly becoming one of the top ten video marketing businesses out there. Talk Fusion has found a way to help people communicate more effectively than ever before.

What exactly is Talk Fusion? Talk Fusion is one of the world’s first video marketing solutions. They have created products such as Video Email, Video Newsletters, and Video Chat for people to use to help increase sales, attract customers to their business, and get the word out there about their business. These products are amazing as they will help build the future you have always dreamed out. You can use these products to promote upcoming sales and fundraisers, conduct a business meeting, or even just send out a thank you message to your customers. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using these video products.

To start, you simply use any camera to record a video. Once you have a video, you log into your Talk Fusion account and upload that video to the Talk Fusion portal. You can use your own customization or use one of the free templates. If you are looking to include a video in an email, you can do so by uploading it right in the email. When someone clicks on the video link, it will automatically play in the email.

The Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has come up with a mission of giving back. He wanted these products to be user-friendly, so everyone is able to live out their dreams. Bob has dedicated his life to helping others whether it is through animal charities, communities, and even friends and family.

Bob has always been passionate about giving back. He donated $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, which is the highest donation they have ever received. He has also donated to an Indonesian orphanage. Bob believes everyone deserves a chance and hopes that this mission shows through Talk Fusion and their products.


IAP Worldwide Services has become a World Leader in Logistics and Procurement

IAP Worldwide Services is an international company providing a broad range of services and solutions to United States and government organizations and agencies. IAP offers program management and provides innovative and safe solutions to meet client’s complex challenges, needs and demands.

IAP is based at Cape Canaveral, Florida and maintains offices in Panama City, Florida and Washington D.C., as well as the Middle East and the United Kingdom. IAP also operates in more than 100 locations in 20 countries around the world.

IAP got its start in 1990 and specialized in logistics and procurement. The first contract the company procured was to provide the United States Army with generator supplies during Operation Desert Storm. Since that first contract IAP has grown to become a very trusted partner to the military forces of the United States. The company continues to win international procurement contracts. In addition, IAP provides temporary and mobile power generation, emergency disaster relief and transportation services. Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

To support their growth and scope of work, IAP has successfully acquired several companies such as JCWS and its subsidiaries and Readiness Management Support and formed IAP Worldwide Services. The company was able to expand services to three prime areas and include global operations and logistics, base operation support services and professional and technical services. IAP Worldwide Services has become a recognized entity that solves problems on a variety of complex levels and provides the appropriate response and solutions in the ever changing global environment.  Read more: IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn and IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

By 2006, IAP Worldwide experienced tremendous growth after acquiring G3, a British Engineering Company. G3 operates overseas including the United Kingdom. G3 provides government, commercial and international clients with solutions and services that range from deployable modular systems to fixed infrastructures. Services also include the associated support services. G3 gives IAP Worldwide Services design and delivery capabilities and facilities and equipment operation and maintenance.

IAP Worldwide Services acquired DRS Technologies, Inc., as well as a tactical Communications and Network Solutions company. This particular acquisition allows IAP Worldwide Services to offer aircraft repair management, engineering and information technology and logistics and mission support. The company acquisitions also give IAP Worldwide Services broader long term growth strategy.

IAP Worldwide has developed a proven track record when it comes to offering reliable and innovative solutions to both international and domestic government agencies. The company takes a great deal of pride developing individual solutions that are designed to meet and often exceed customer needs and expectations.

Wen: A Special Hair Formula

Experimenting With Wen

In the hopes of finding the perfect hair care regimen, one woman decided to test out a highly buzzed hair product; The Wen Cleansing Conditioner. Overall, she was hoping to get some added volume in her hair. In one weeks time, she got her results, which were much more than she originally expected. Her hair was not only more voluminous, but she had soft, bouncy hair that people couldn’t help but compliment. She recorded her results in a recent article and even showed pictures of the transformation to the internet. The buzz about Wen caused by their YouTube ads has been ongoing for quite some time and its not surprising that she felt the need to try it after seeing these results:

Why Wen?
So, what is it that makes Wen so special? Well, its no ordinary hair product. It is a three-in-one formula that includes shampoo, conditioner and a styling treatment. Instead of purchasing, several different products, you can find it all in one bottle. It will save you time and money when it comes to styling. It is available online via Amazon. Chaz Dean created the line in the hopes of helping hair health, while decreasing styling time. He owns a salon in the center of Hollywood, where he styles many celebrities hair. He is a trusted professional and since the creation of his hair products, he has found even more success. Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioner can be found on his personal website and several online retailers such as amazon. If you are looking to transform your hair, you can trust that Wen will do so.

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Why Jose Manuel Gonzalez is the Archetype of Good Political Leadership

Jose Manuel González is among the foremost Venezuelan businessmen and political leaders. He currently represents Guárico state in Venezuela’s National Assembly. The legislator has been vocal in speaking out against common problems facing farmers in the impoverished South American nation. His brand of politics is unique and bears close resemblance to his business philosophy. This has made him a legendary figure in the country’s political arena.

In Defense of Farmers

Mr. Gonzalez decries the existing conditions in the Venezuelan agricultural sector. He insists that the political elite is not doing enough to subsidize the price of farm inputs. In as much as agriculture is the country’s mainstay, the sector is still largely untapped. Whatever is being produced is way below the country’s capacity. The lack on agricultural exports denies the country a lot of foreign exchange.

According to the farmer cum politician, there has been little commitment on the government’s part to ensure that the agricultural sector is stabilized. The National Assembly has failed to pinpoint the inherent problems faced by farmers. The fragile coalition government has even worsened the situation. This is because there are more bureaucratic processes, which have made decision-making quite difficult. Leaders no longer address the plight of farmers through a common voice.

Poor leadership has aggravated insecurity in the country. Farmers continue to suffer most since hundreds of them have been falling victim to gangland-style kidnappers. Kidnapping incidents have particularly escalated in regions that have high agricultural potential. Carjacking’s have also become a norm. Mr. Gonzalez asserts that the government needs to stamp its authority and wipe out the current wave of crime in the country.

Important Notes about Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose is one of the most successful Venezuelan agricultural entrepreneurs. He hails from agriculturally rich Guárico province. This explains why he has been fervent in championing the rights of farmers. In the National Assembly where he serves as a deputy, he has distinguished himself as an articulate and well-informed debater who has the interest of the people at heart. He has played an important role in the passage of numerous legislative bills. His down to earth personality has endeared him to masses. He is currently running for Guárico state’s governorship.

Dedication and Commitment can Lead the Way

David Osio studied at the Catholic University Andres Bello, a top university in Venezuela as well as all of Latin America and graduated with a degree in the Advanced Management Program and International Banking Law at the Institute of Estudios Superiores de Administracios. He began his career as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OPED Enterprise and was the head of coffee export programs.

He later moved onto an executive position in LETCO Commercial Companies. He was responsible for structuring marketing programs for a variety of industrial products in the United States. He excelled at marketing and his skill often translated to success for the companies he worked for.

After a period of marketing success, Mr. Osio moved onto the law firm of MGO in Caracas, Venezuela. He interfaced with corporate clients such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation. He developed an extensive background in banking and as a legal advisor and became one of the movers and shakers in the firm of Banco Latino International in Miami, Florida. He was quickly promoted to Vice President of Banking Commercial where he was the over seer of customer’s portfolio’s and worked to increase the portfolio’s in value as well as adding strength to the bank’s international standing.

With a great deal of experience under his belt, Mr. Osio decided to set out on his form and he formed the Davos Financial Group of companies. His company was the first business in Venezuela committed to providing financial advice for a select group of clients. He developed his own leadership style that has provided him the opportunity to strengthen and expand his business, as well as increase the level of income the company was able to generate all in a short time. Mr. Osio has created licensed companies that work independently in cities such as Panama, Miami, New York and Geneva.

Mr. Osio also works with a level of philanthropy that he classifies as corporate social responsibility. He works to promote and maintain a collaborative effort with non-profit organizations. The non-profits he chooses to work with those in need with providing art and cultural opportunities within communities.

He supports organizations and foundations such as the Miami Symphony Orchestra and the Saludarte Foundation which allows art exhibitions in the United States. Mr. Osio also supports International organizations and foundations such as the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, the UMA Foundation and the Fundana Foundation as well as several others.
Mr. Osio has organized and operated an award winning company that have received a variety of International awards including the Medal of Honor from the United States Congress and South Florida’s Business Leaders award.

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A Quick Guide to Sam Tabar

Anyone who’s shown any interest in joining the legal field needs to know who to talk to and what the subjects are all about. This is where attorney Sam Tabar comes in.

According to many media outlets, Sam Tabar is a heavily successful legal attorney and capital strategist who operates in the New York City area. His work is done at the FullCycle Fund and his good reputation has come from pleasing all of his clients in his field.

Before becoming successful in the legal field, Tabar has previously worked for one business that has broadened his horizons, that business being called Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. While working at this firm, Tabar was able to uplift groups and manage projects and time consistently, improving the overall aspect of business development in the process, cemented by the fact that he had a passion for doing his job well and helping out his clients.

Tabar was also affiliated with the SPARX Group and during his time there, he worked as the company’s Co-Head of Business Development and Managing Director and was able to increase productivity and allowed the business to grow more. His knowledge of the legal field was a huge factor in the company’s growth, though some time later he moved on and began working at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Here, Tabar had the privilege of serving as the Director and the Head of Capital Strategy, specifically in the company’s Asia-Pacific Region. After working here he then felt it was time for a change of heart and eventually moved back towards working at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, solely due to him wanting to increase his total experience in the legal field. Managing hedge funds and sorting out compliance issues was his main task with the firm, and this is what has given him such a good reputation in the legal world now.  See Sam’s full list of career credentials at CrunchBase.

Adam Goldenberg Reshaping Fashion

Along with his partner, Don Ressler, Adam Goldberg is the CEO and founder of JustFab, one of the hottest online retailers for trendy fashion. While fashion was not a particular passion for either Ressler or Goldberg, they were able to take their experience and talent in business to the next level to launch JustFab as one of the top online fashion retailers in the world. As described by Matrix Partners, Adam Goldenberg is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and professionals in general in the business world today.

Goldenberg has a very impressive professional pedigree to go along with his unparalleled business acumen. He served as the president of Brentwood Cosmetics, LLC and Alena, LLC since January 2004. Adam Goldenberg also has the unique distinction of being the youngest chief operating officer of a publicly traded company from his position at Intermix Media, Inc. beginning in October 2001. He even founded his own company in 1997 at the age of 16 called Gamer’s Alliance, Inc.

One way that Goldenberg has been able to revolutionize the world of online retail shopping is through the subscription model he set up for JustFab. To make sure that he was offering a product that was relevant and trendy for women, Goldenberg enlisted the help of some of the top names in fashion design to be the creative force behind JustFab’s amazing product lines. This includes Kimora Lee Simmons, who joined the company as its president and creative director. Before joining the JustFab team, Kimora was responsible for developing Baby Phat into an incredibly successful fashion brand. Adam Goldenberg has been able to harness her talent to deliver superior products at reasonable rates and with an element of a personalized online shopping experience that truly connects with customers.

JustFab continues to stand out from other fashion retailers thanks to Adam Goldenberg’s ability to assemble some of the brightest minds and experienced professionals in the fashion business. Under Goldenberg’s leadership, JustFab has greatly expanded its product lines and has made a lasting connection with its customers in terms of providing clothing items and fashion accessories that are cutting edge and high in quality. JustFab has been able to keep its prices at a very affordable level without sacrificing the quality of the construction of its clothing items. This has earned quite a loyal customer base for the company and a high number of positive reviews online for its products. See:

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