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Two Million Unicorns And Growing: The Lime Crime Brigade


Doe Deere is from Russia–at least that’s where she was born. But she was raised in New York City, and currently lives in Los Angeles. Between her birth, upbringing, and professional career, Doe has seen every side of the fashion industry. It’s no wonder her sensibilities have become popular enough to fairly enwrap the globe. Doe identified a need and filled it with an alternative cosmetic option that, as yet, has no equal. That option is Lime Crime.

Lime Crime has a sublime rhyme to it, and so far it’s stood the test of time, becoming popular in 2008 and continuing in popularity today. Any business that can withstand five years’ operation is one that will likely endure; but Doe Deere’s escapades are quickly becoming a sensation. Recently, her Instagram account transcended two million followers.

Called unicorns, Lime Crime users have a creative nature to them. Doe Deere herself doesn’t look at makeup as a means of enhancing beauty. She looks at makeup as a means of individualized expression. That is one reason she has dubbed her followers unicorns. They are unique, expressive individuals who are not afraid to loudly, vibrantly express their stylistic proclivities to the world. And that loud individuality has definitely caught on. To fully understand why requires a deeper examination of the history of Lime Crime itself, and Doe Deere’s trek to success.

Lime Crime wasn’t always related to cosmetic solutions. Originally, Lime Crime was a term Doe used to describe her favorite shade of green; a vibrant lime so eye-popping “it should be illegal!”. Though, not literally of course; that’s just Doe’s approach to colors. There’s an eye-popping quality to them that sort of acts like a tangy, citrusy flavor for the eyes. If the eyes could taste, Lime Crime would be sweet and sour at the same time. But Doe wasn’t originally working with cosmetics when the name came about. At first she was designing a line of fashionably¬†chic¬†and unique dresses. Though this clothing line didn’t take off as she would have hoped, it did retain the name Lime Crime. Eventually it was abandoned, however; and between 2002 and 2008 there were no Lime Crime forays. During this time Doe and her husband performed throughout LA in a band called Sky Salt, which had some moderate success. It certainly put Doe in a position to see stylistic fashion trends, and develop her own brand accordingly.

Now, eight years after Sky Salt broke up, two million unicorns march behind the Instagram of Doe Deere’s Lime Crime, coming up with their own unique and beautiful configurations with the Lime Crime line of colors. And so, through endless possibilities in color combination and application, the unicorns of Lime Crime are revolutionizing fashion.

To find out more, visit or check out Doe Deere’s Instagram account.

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