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Venezuelan Congress orders food minister ousted

Venezuela’s opposition party has demanded the dismissal of food minister Rodolfo Marco because of continued food shortages that are ravaging the nation as it faces a huge economic crisis, according to a story in Reuters. The party passed a measure that demanded he leave office after he refused to appear before the assembly to speak on the food shortages.
Reports from Open Corporates say many in Venezuela are able to eat only once or twice per day. There is triple digit inflation, and not much food available. What is available is expensive, making it hard for many people. Chronic water and electricity shortages are also causing major problems. Tumbling oil prices are part of the problem. Even so, the opposition party blames president Nicolas Maduro, and Maduro says the congress is making things worse.

Maduro has said in the past he supports the food minister. He said the opposition party is trying to stage a coup by using the parliament.

This was seen by expert Jose Velasquez as the latest move by the right-wing opposition party to oust Maduro. They are also seeking a recall vote and are trying to gather signatures to make that vote happen. They also tried to pass a law shortening the president’s term, but courts ruled they could nor shorten the term of a person in office.

Food shortages have been a huge problem recently. Last week according to, there were several protests, an some looting reported. Maduro said the riots were caused by the opposition party trying to destabilize the government.

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