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Shah’s Growth of Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is a London-based businessman who is known for founding Solo Capital Partners and the philanthropic organization Autism Rocks. Shah founded Autism Rocks in 2014, just months after his son Nikhil was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Sanjay Shah has recently appointed Will and Pete Best to Autism Rocks’ board of trustees. Pete has experience in London’s financial sector. Pete’s most recent occupation was the COO of Icap, one of London’s most prominent investment firms. Will Best organized musical events throughout college and currently hosts and produces television and radio shows, not to mention well-versed in advertorial media.

Shah got his start practicing accounting throughout London at investment banks such as Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. Shah lost his position as an accountant in 2008 due to the worldwide financial crisis. He then decided to firm his own investment company, Solo Capital Partners, in 2011. Solo Capital Partners is currently worth more than $15 million, an operating cash flow of $30 million, and total assets under management of $67 million.

Solo Capital Partners is a subsidiary of Solo Group Holdings, a conglomerate Shah is also affiliated with. Solo Capital is one of London’s hottest investment firms. Shah operates Solo Capital from London and Dubai, depending on his location. Solo Capital is expected to grow consistently in future years.

Shah got the idea for Autism Rocks after talking to rapper Snoop Dogg shortly after his son was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Cambridge University, the primary recipient of Autism Rocks’ proceeds, has benefited significantly from Shah’s charitable organization.

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  1. Autism Rocks has featured some of the world’s most popular performing artists, such as Drake and Lenny Kravitz. An invitation-only event, Autism Rocks allows only autistic persons, their caregivers, and certain donors. It is a very natural thing for to do and to make sure all these things work very well for them too.

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