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Lime Crime Raises the Bar in Cosmetics


When it comes to buying make-up most wearers are likely to travel to the nearest drugstore to purchase beauty products. While this may seem like a convenient route initially, these consumers might be short-changing themselves by not taking the extra step to buy better cosmetics or even explore the various brands that exist.

Urban Outfitters really shows that Lime Crime cosmetics is a line that many make-up wearers would argue is an upgrade compared to their drug store counterparts. The beauty brand was founded by Doe Deere in 2008 and she still serves as the CEO for the growing company. The cosmetic entrepreneur wanted to create a make-up brand that reflected her passion for individualism while being kind to animals. Lime Crime prides itself on the fact that all of its products are cruelty-free; this greatly appeals to Vegans and animal enthusiasts alike. A portion of the Lime Crime profits are even donated toward causes that benefit animals.

Lime Crime greatly appeals to the fashionista who wants to show off a bold and brazen side. Lime Crime has raised the bar in eye-popping cosmetic options that the average retailer’s make-up selection doesn’t come close to offering. Lime Crime’s Unicorn lipstick collection offers brilliantly bold lipsticks for the wearer who truly wants to put her or his face out there.

While it is fun to experiment and get creative with a variety of looks that are possible through Lime Crime colors, the brand also provides an abundance of resources online that can be useful to the fashionista as well. is one of Lime Crime blogs that features pictures and showcase the latest trends, products and make-up techniques. Novice and experienced make-up artists alike will enjoy perusing the artistic visuals and postings of other wearers of the colorful Lime Crime cosmetic line and are bound to pick up some new ideas for themselves.  The Lime Crime Facebook has more about them, otherwise Twitter always has news about when products come out.

Shah’s Growth of Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is a London-based businessman who is known for founding Solo Capital Partners and the philanthropic organization Autism Rocks. Shah founded Autism Rocks in 2014, just months after his son Nikhil was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Sanjay Shah has recently appointed Will and Pete Best to Autism Rocks’ board of trustees. Pete has experience in London’s financial sector. Pete’s most recent occupation was the COO of Icap, one of London’s most prominent investment firms. Will Best organized musical events throughout college and currently hosts and produces television and radio shows, not to mention well-versed in advertorial media.

Shah got his start practicing accounting throughout London at investment banks such as Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. Shah lost his position as an accountant in 2008 due to the worldwide financial crisis. He then decided to firm his own investment company, Solo Capital Partners, in 2011. Solo Capital Partners is currently worth more than $15 million, an operating cash flow of $30 million, and total assets under management of $67 million.

Solo Capital Partners is a subsidiary of Solo Group Holdings, a conglomerate Shah is also affiliated with. Solo Capital is one of London’s hottest investment firms. Shah operates Solo Capital from London and Dubai, depending on his location. Solo Capital is expected to grow consistently in future years.

Shah got the idea for Autism Rocks after talking to rapper Snoop Dogg shortly after his son was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Cambridge University, the primary recipient of Autism Rocks’ proceeds, has benefited significantly from Shah’s charitable organization.

White Shark Media Knows Online Marketing

When a business needs an article, website, or a blog on their products and services placed on the Internet the only way people are going to be able to find the business is by typing into search engines specific keywords related to the business offering the products and services.
Specific keywords are essential for increased profits, less complaints, and productivity of that, businesses product or services provided. In order to successfully target your business in people’s internet searches means targeting the right keywords. Strategically placed primary keywords in titles, Meta descriptions, content, and images mean a successful website and content. Never overuse keywords, but put them throughout the content and be sure they read well and do not sound silly, jumbled together or spammy. White Shark Media knows what businesses need to do to increase Internet traffic to websites. Increased website traffic by using Search Engine Optimization means increased business, client base, and profits.

White Shark Media is a company devoted to helping business owners focus these essential keywords in the right way. Keywords are of utmost importance in any search engine marketing strategy. Thus, SEO or Search Engine Optimization has all to do with keywords that are used in the right context and strategically placed so people can find your site. Keywords help to set your business out front, targeting your desired audience, so your website is available to the public. However, when the person feels that the only way individuals find your site is by stuffing keywords in titles, Meta descriptions, and information content. Stuffing keywords are meant to trick Search Engines into bringing more people to your site when in fact stuffing keywords work just the opposite. White Shark Media knows how to help businesses promote a high rating in Search Engines and give users insight on how to solve problems with websites, and bring more traffic to your site.

According to a White Shark Media review, the company is aware of all the do’s and do not’s of strategically placed keywords for Search Engine Optimization. The big question is, “How many keywords are enough or too much?” Generally speaking, primary keywords should not be used no more than four times. Never use secondary keywords no more than three times, including title, Meta description, and content. Using keywords more then this constitutes keyword stuffing. It is always good to mention keywords in any title, and in the main headline. Search Engines quickly pick up on these words. Some people do not feel that Meta descriptions help your rankings in searches. However, others believe that good Meta descriptions using primary keywords do contribute to placing you in a higher Google rating.

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Lazy Girl Diet Hacks to Beauty Tips

Since its 2005 launch YouTube has becoming a way for new faces to show their ideas, comedy and talent to the world.

One of the most famous YouTube celebrities is Wengie, the owner of the most subscribed to Asian beauty channel in Australia. Wengie’s website covers a range of topics in her videos, including everything from lazy girl diet hacks to beauty tips.

Wengie is a self-proclaimed workaholic and started video blogging as a hobby to keep her mind busy after working hours. She is very random in her posts but likes to keep things “all girly.” She is famous for reviewing new clothing and makeup.

A complete opposite of Wengie, Olajide “KSI” Olatunji has gained over 10 million subscribers. He plays games online through EA and uploads videos of his gaming as well as original commentary. He has a very lively and funny personality. His username is KSIOlajidebt, which is a clever mix of his name, love of the game Halo and his internet provider.

Those who love Minecraft should check out Adam Dahlberg. He posts frequent updates about gameplay along with original commentary. He is good friends with fellow gamer, Mark Fischbach. Mark also has around 11 million subscribers and likes to post updates and videos of his friends gaming and commentary.

Known for his commentary regarding gay culture and politics, Tyler Oakley has gained more than 8 million subscribers since starting YouTube in 2007. In 2014, he was voted most popular male internet star at the Teen Choice Awards.

You just need a great video editing program and the passion for making videos. Be original and be yourself and you can be a star!

Igor Cornelsen’s Opinion On Brazilian Banking

A look at Brazilian privately owned banks; one realizes that these banks are doing quite well despite the current disturbing situation of the Brazilian economy. According to the World Bank, the country registered an average economic growth of less than 2% last year. That performance was better than in 2014 when the economy did not register any growth. Where the economy performs dismally as the Brazilian economy, banks are expected to suffer. How do Brazilian banks survive under these conditions? Brazilian banking expert Igor Cornelsen offers some suggestions why privately owned Brazilian banks are not bearing the brunt of economic slump down in Brazil.

Reduction of costs

Igor Cornelsen opines that for banks to thrive in business, they must as far as possible reduce the risk of losses. Brazilian banks, especially the privately owned ones, have been very keen to give credit to customers who are credit-worthy. Since most of the low credit rated customers are denied credit by private banks, they turn to public banks which incur a lot of costs to realize the sums lent. The risk of loss, by these public banks, could be avoided if they took notice of the fact that the borrowers are not likely to settle their loans. Avoiding such bad debtors can do them a lot of good.

The ten major players of the Brazilian banking industry

There are ten major banks that are supporting the gigantic Brazilian economy which is reported to be the largest in South America and eighth largest in the world. These privately owned banks according to have tremendously helped the Brazilian economy to stand on its feet. Igor Cornelsen singles out one of the ten banks, Banco Itau, for its contribution in the growth of the Brazilian economy as one of the fastest growing banks in the country. Other commercial banks include Banco J Safra, Banrisul, HSBC, Santander, Banco do Brasil among others.

Paying attention to China

Igor Cornelsen notes on disqus that for economies to remain strong, they must abandon the old-school trend of looking to Western countries for trade. He acknowledges that China has established herself as a strong economy and a great trading partner for Brazil. A second reason why he says that China should be a major consideration for Brazil is given by the fact that not only do Brazil and China have very close trade ties but also Brazil’s biggest export competitor.

New face in the industry

According to the Brazilian investor, the appointment of Joaquim Levy as the Minister for Finance assures Brazilian banks some hope.

Thor Halvorssen Gave An Interview On Socialism And Discussed Bernie Sanders

Recently, Thor Halvorssen had an interview with Fox News and he discussed Bernie Sanders. Read on to find out what he had to say about the presidential candidate.

In the interview, Halvorssen said socialism was a violation of basic human rights. He said that it was fine for countries to have socialists governments if human rights were not violated. Thor Halvorssen said the problem is if socialism is done under an authoritative government.

He said that socialism is find if there are different branches of government, and if there is a separation of powers. He also pointed to countries such as Denmark and Sweden, who he says often has socialism governments and labour governments. He said that was perfectly fine, but it’s wrong to take control of a government under the mask of socialism. Harlvorssen said it was wrong for someone to claim they will help the people of a country, but end up looting the country.

In the interview, Halvorssen mentioned that he did donate to Bernie Sanders’ campaign, and that’s because he wasn’t a fan of Hillary Clinton. He added that you do not end poverty by redistributing wealth, and he said you end poverty by creating wealth and that he believed in free markets.


Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion Leads Industry

Bob Reina: A Profile Of A Bold Business Leader

In today’s world of fast paced information being passed all over the internet, it is difficult to find someone who has a credible backstory. Bob Reina has captured our attention with his fascinating story of perseverance and determination. When Bob Reina had a dream and a vision for what video communication could be in the future, he actually saw this vision through to the point where it became a reality. Bob Reina also has an interesting background before he became involved in direct sales that may have supported this positive attitude that drove him towards the successful career that he captured.

In his early days, back in the 1990s, Bob Reina had just graduated from the University of South Florida, and he was excited to join the Tampa Police Force.  He would serve as a Tampa law enforcement officer, patrolling areas and working hard to fight crimes against humanity. It’s no wonder that he gained the leadership skills to be so influential in the world of direct sales and marketing.

Talk Fusion Is Invented

In 2007, Talk Fusion becomes more than a dream. It becomes the reality that Bob Reina had envisioned. Talk Fusion is the leading affordable video communication platform that today’s top businesses use for their video conferencing needs. The company’s platform helps people communicate between businesses and within their companies. They offer a variety of valuable services that cover every video communication, webinar and conferencing need of today’s business community.

It is estimated that 90 percent of internet traffic will be due to video use by 2017. Talk Fusion hopes to be there all the way to help facilitate those needs. They offer a bold and innovative platform that is dynamic and cannot be matched by other competitors.

Coriant Looks For Greater Success With Management Changes

The Coriant brand has been one of the success stories of the telecommunications industry since the business was formed in 2013 by Marlin Equity Partners; the company was formed when the investment business looked to make a move into telecommunications, and purchased the optical networking department of Siemens. Under the leadership of Pat DiPietro Coriant made a number of other purchases of existing companies that allowed them to push forward with their expansion into the communications industry. By the start of 2016 the Coriant brand was ranked as one of the top five optical networking companies in the world having created a client base in more than 100 countries.

Shaygan Kheradpir has been one of the most influential figures in the telecommunications industry throughout his more than 20 year career, which is just one of the reasons why he has been given the role of CEO with Coriant after Pat DiPietro was awarded a promotion within Marlin. Kheradpir graduated from Cornell University with a degree in electrical engineering before embarking on his career with GTE Labs and Verizon.

Following the merger of GTE Labs and Verizon Shaygan Kheradpir made his name as one of the world’s most innovative executives in terms of research and development. During his time with Verizon Shaygan Kheradpir made a number of changes to the way research was completed, including the decision to divide his research professionals into small teams focusing on individual aspects of new software and hardware; this change has now become the industry norm and is credited as a development first introduced by Shaygan Kheradpir. The executive has constantly looked for new areas to develop his skills and those of his employers, which includes his time developing mobile payment options for the financial giant Barclays.

Shaygan Kheradpir rarely likes to enter any new position without completing a large amount of due diligence, which he did for Coriant conducting a thorough review of the company months before being named CEO. Pat DiPietro will return to the Marlin Equity Partners company, but remain an important board member for Coriant as the company looks to the future.

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