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QNet’s New Partnerships Help The Needy

QNet does more than just sell products and services. QNet cares. The Hong Kong-based direct selling company has set up it “We Care” initiative to aid families that are suffering from unforeseen tragedies.

Recently, QNet pledged major support for those persons who were devastated by the Chennai flooding catastrophe. The company announced its support at a film awards event, and a great deal of publicity was gained.

The Chennai flood was the disastrous result of major storms in the vicinity of the city. Massive flooding made scores of people homeless. At the IIFA Utasavam event to honor South India filmmakers, a public pledge of flood relief packages and assistance was made by QNet.

And now, QNet is taking the initiative to help people who are dealing with kidney disease. Specifically, QNet is donating a kidney dialysis unit to a 100-bed hospital.

QNet does know the company can only do so much on its own. In business, QNet works with affiliate members to sell products and services. Similar strategic partnerships are set up when the company seeks to contribute to humanitarian causes. QNet has formed such a partnership with Lions Club International, and both entities are going to work very hard at directing assets towards humanitarian causes.

QNet’s business model is direct selling. Everything from health products to educational course may be sold through a direct selling strategy. QNet has quickly become an industry leader in direct selling. The company has affiliates located in scores of countries across the world.

The new partnership with Lion’s Club helps with that goal.

QNet intends to maximize its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives throughout the world. In particular, the company plans to address homelessness among other causes. Through forming more strategic partnerships and their network of dedicated employees, QNet is going to be better able to tackle social woes.

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