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Jon Urbana’s Passions and Ventures

Jon Urbana has many passions and areas of interest. He is an entrepreneur and a former Villanova lacrosse team defender who is passionate about the environment, nature, charity work and many other ventures.

Jon is currently the founder of a GoFundMe charity and fundraiser called Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force. It’s based out of Denver, Colorado, and is a non profit foundation that supports the environment. Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the country, and Jon just so happens to be living there. He’s passionate about helping preserve the environment and the beauty of nature. Jon’s mission with Earth Force is to inform and motivate the youth about the importance of keeping the environment clean and healthy.

Jon Urbana is the owner of a lacrosse camp called Next Level Lacrosse Camp aimed towards to the youth in Colorado. The camp teaches kids how to refine necessary and specific skills needed to play the sport. Along with helping them support and find their field position, they get the opportunity to learn from some of the best lacrosse pros.

Jon Urbana, using Twitter as @jonurbana1, has always had a passion for photography and enjoys taking pictures of nature as well as historical photographs. He lives in the beautiful state of Colorado, which allows him to capture the natural beauty of many mountains, lakes and streams. His photography skills have allowed him to adventure over into his sense of creativity and share his beautiful scenic photos.

Jon is also a licensed pilot and has been recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for exceeding the high level of educational, licensing and medical standards held by the FAA. The standards of a pilot have most definitely changed over time, and they will continue to change in the future.

As an entrepreneur, Jon has discovered and mastered many passions of his. He continues to build strong Tumblr relationships and pursue his ventures and areas of interest to ensure a better education and quality of life for everyone involved.

Herb-infused Coffee is the Brainchild of Bernerdo Chua, and it is Covering the Globe

It’s difficult to imagine drinking a healthy cup of coffee or tea, but if you were familiar with Bernardo Chua and his love of the Ganoderma mushroom, you could understand how he has made coffee a healthy experience. Mr. Chua began a direct sales nutritional company, and it has turned into an extremely prosperous networking business of this decade. Organo Gold has one million distributors introducing Ganoderma to their customers, and that is just what Mr. Chua had planned when he began the company in 2008.

Organo Gold has its headquarters in British Columbia, Canada, and in less than eight years it has become the top 55th business in direct sales line-up and it has spread to 30 countries. This is amazing growth for any company, but Organo Gold is lead by Mr. Bernardo Chua.

There is a reason that Bernardo’s company has taken on such success. Mr. Chua is an experienced businessman who had a direct plan for his company. His plan was to introduce Ganoderma and its supreme benefits to the western world. Ganoderma is an ancient herb that originates in the mountains of China and Asian countries. Bernardo was raised on Ganoderma because his mother brought it to the Philippines, where they lived, from China. Bernardo was aware of the strong antioxidant properties and the oxygen enhancing qualities, and he wants to share it with the rest of the world.

Mr Chua takes a rich, health Columbian coffee and infuses it with the herb to create a wonderful tasting and nutritious brew. Organo Gold also sells infused tea and Ganoderma supplements to be taken by mouth.  The Ganoderma has been noted to have incredible healing qualities including kidney and liver support, assisting with diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure and high cholesterol after regular use every day.  That’s one of the reasons Bernardo Chua has won awards for delivering this quality of coffee.

In 2015, Mr Chua shortened the name of his company to Organo. It still carries the same high-quality products along with the delicious Ganoderma-infused Columbian coffee.

QNet’s New Partnerships Help The Needy

QNet does more than just sell products and services. QNet cares. The Hong Kong-based direct selling company has set up it “We Care” initiative to aid families that are suffering from unforeseen tragedies.

Recently, QNet pledged major support for those persons who were devastated by the Chennai flooding catastrophe. The company announced its support at a film awards event, and a great deal of publicity was gained.

The Chennai flood was the disastrous result of major storms in the vicinity of the city. Massive flooding made scores of people homeless. At the IIFA Utasavam event to honor South India filmmakers, a public pledge of flood relief packages and assistance was made by QNet.

And now, QNet is taking the initiative to help people who are dealing with kidney disease. Specifically, QNet is donating a kidney dialysis unit to a 100-bed hospital.

QNet does know the company can only do so much on its own. In business, QNet works with affiliate members to sell products and services. Similar strategic partnerships are set up when the company seeks to contribute to humanitarian causes. QNet has formed such a partnership with Lions Club International, and both entities are going to work very hard at directing assets towards humanitarian causes.

QNet’s business model is direct selling. Everything from health products to educational course may be sold through a direct selling strategy. QNet has quickly become an industry leader in direct selling. The company has affiliates located in scores of countries across the world.

The new partnership with Lion’s Club helps with that goal.

QNet intends to maximize its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives throughout the world. In particular, the company plans to address homelessness among other causes. Through forming more strategic partnerships and their network of dedicated employees, QNet is going to be better able to tackle social woes.

Learn more about QNet by following them on Instagram and check out their website here:

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