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How Krishen Iyer Is Changing Email Responsiveness

In order to succeed in business, the company must find a need and fulfill it. This isn’t a problem in the health and dental insurance industries. For health providers and dentists, the need is obvious; but it’s still a challenge to reach potential new patients through email. For Krishen Iyer it took recognition of filling a void for him to start a unique email marketing consulting firm. Krishen Iyer is CEO and founder of Managed Benefits Services (Fresno, CA), which provides innovative email marketing campaigns and benefit lead management. Along with this his company is dedicated to ensuring his health insurance clients receive the highest yield for email marketing. Each campaign should produce a return gained from the investment.


How can a business generate sales or reach new potential clients, if the emails aren’t even opened? This is where Krishen Iyer and Managed Benefits Services uses emails with a “multilayered marketing platform.” A multilayered approach allows fast growing organic lead generation. Krishen and his firm uses filters to capture organic impressions and then turns them into useful information. The information is compiled into user snapshots, getting rid of low quality contacts immediately and retaining possible real time leads.


Krishen Iyer runs a blog where he discusses topics of interests. In the opening dialogue, he includes a photo of his wife and two young children. His entries run the gamut everything from talking about eating vegetarian dishes in Costa Rica, the “Wounded Warrior” project to working with the Make-A-Wish foundation. In his career Krishen maintains a focus on developing real time leads through effective email marketing. After graduating from San Diego State University, Krishen became involved in digital marketing. His interest lead him to founding his own entrepreneurial business. However, he still takes time out to engage in philanthropic efforts in his local community.

There’s A New Boss On Madison Street

Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that was founded in 2005 as a middle market investment banking company. Middle market business owners know it’s essential to have a good investment strategy in place to set your business on a sure path of growth. When deciding on the best approach, business owners need a financial advisor with a track record of success. Madison Street Capital has a proven record of success in the investment banking industry. The recent addition of a new managing director to its capital market team Lawrence Alioto.


Who Is Lawrence Alioto


Before Madison Street Capital, Lawrence Alioto started his career working for on the floor Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading currency futures. After that, Alioto worked as a registered representative at the PainWebber Company in San Francisco California. During the 90’s Lawrence began operating within the realms of private equity. Starting in 2004, Mr. Alioto worked at VeriTrainer Corporation as a developer of radiation scanning systems, operating as one of the founding members of the company.


From medical devices to energy-efficient technologies and film production, Lawerence possesses a wide array of experience in numerous industries, this is why he is the perfect fit for Madison Street Capital. The work that Madison Street Capital reputation does for investors is important, especially within the realms of new technology. Madison Street offers new and middle market businesses the chance to take advantage of growth and investment strategies typically reserved for higher market companies. As the company prepares for its expansion into Austin is planning to focus attention on institutional investors and their increasing allocations to alternative asset management sector. Having assisted numerous clients in many industries Madison Capital understands that there isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to investing. As Madison Street Capital moves into 2019, Lawerence Alioto is sure to make his presence known.


Connect with Madison Street Capital on LinkedIn.

How Aloha Restoration Helps Their Clients with

One of the most important jobs Aloha Restoration handles is mold removal and addressing moisture issues. The company provides trained professionals to handle a variety of mold problems for both residential and commercial clients. The company even has the capacity to help industrial customers with some of the mold removal options they offer. By looking at the mold problem, providing different removal options and giving people a chance to be a part of the process, Aloha Restoration allows their customers to understand they can get help with the problem without the need for expensive or complicated interventions.


Water is another issue Aloha Restoration handles. They offer these services along with mold removal and restoration. Many times, water damage leads to mold damage which can pose huge problems for customers when they’re working with them. The company provides a professional water removal service to all their customers. They use industrial equipment and work to remove the water as quickly as possible to help more people with the water issues they might be facing. Whether the water is there due to a flood or any other natural disaster, Aloha Restoration might be able to help their clients get rid of it so they can continue using their building.


Natural disasters can cause huge problems for both business owners and residential clients. Aloha Restoration understands the issues that might come from natural disasters and they work to address these issues when working with customers. Since Aloha Restoration is a professional company with years of experience, they know what to expect when a natural disaster comes. They look for water, water damage and mold as a result. The company customizes a plan of attack for natural disasters that’s custom-made to suit each situation they work in. Customizing the plan helps them tackle all the problems.


Waiakea Water Re-imagines the World of Bottled Water

Bottled water is a multi-billion dollar industry that reaches the far corners of the world. One company brings a new spin by turning back to natural sources, and limiting the impact that the plastic bottles have on the environment. According to their website, sales of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water are based on a model that emphasizes people, and planet, over just profits.

Established in 2012, Waiakea Water is sourced from Hawaii, the name is even a compound of two words that translate to “broad waters” from the native Hawaiian language. Waiakea’s filtration and purification process is sourced from that same spot, the result of rain and snow melt filtering through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock, down the Mauna Loa Volcano. The result, is Hawaiian volcanic water that has been enhanced by the addition of natural minerals and electrolytes. The natural filtration process also gives Waiakea water it’s alkaline ph. This unique process ensures the volcanic water benefits in each bottle.

In addition to the emphasis on the people and the individual health benefits of Waiakea water, the company also focuses on planet. Waiakea water has been certified a carbon neutral company, due in large part to its use of low-emission vehicles to deliver products. In addition, 2018 saw the release of the first fully degradable plastic bottle in the world. All of Waiakea’s bottles are made from recycled plastic, but the degradable bottles reach a new benchmark for sustainability by breaking down up to 98% faster than traditional plastic bottles.

Waiakea’s mission statement declares their intention to “ provide naturally healthy, delicious, Hawaiian volcanic water with as little impact as possible, while contributing to and promoting conservation and access to clean water and education for people in need throughout the world.” They seek to achieve those goals by combining the health and sustainability initiatives mentioned here with their charitable contribution program. Through a partnership with Pump Aid, for every liter of water sold, Waiakea donates a week of clean water to those in need. Waiakea is also committed to Hawaii, by partnering with the The Kama’aha Education Initiative, committed to advancing academic success for Native Hawaiians.

In this case, Waiakea’s volcanic water benefits extend beyond the award winning taste of one bottle.

The Burning Force Behind Altium Capital

Altium Capital, founded by Jacob Gottlieb, is now focused on what’s happening in healthcare. This investment fund based out of New York City, is a new venture for Gottlieb. As a private company, Altium is rooted in aggressive research conducted by Jacob Gottlieb himself. What is he looking for most?

Gottlieb wants to look for the most advanced medical treatments available this year, as well as what is emerging in the near future. One of the most recent is now an oral medication that is specifically for those with diabetes. The goal of the pharmaceutical company behind this medication is to replace injections.

Another area in which Altium is seeking an opportunity is the much needed revolution for the FDA that hasn’t yet occurred. Alzheimer’s, a disease that impacts aged adults, has been highly researched, and the FDA continues to release medications that at best can keep symptoms at bay. Although the symptoms may be reduced, there really is cure for the disease.

Because Alzheimer’s affects more than two million individuals per year, it still needs more attention than it’s getting. Altium Capital is hoping to find an opportunity here as the FDA continues to tout the idea that there is one miracle drug that will aid in reducing symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Once the disease leads to dementia, it is more challenging to find answers and research for more options. Once the FDA gives an approval, the drugs can then be tested in clinical trials, as well as in hospitals depending upon the type of drug and what the drug is for.

These drugs are well worth investing in, and Jacob Gottlieb may very well find his niche when it comes to drugs for diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes as well. The top diseases that are impacting the lives of those with diabetes and Alzheimer’s are going to be where Altium Capital directs its focus in the near future.

Hyland’s – A Mother’s Peace of Mind

The honor of being a mother awakens her every day. She provides unconditional love to her child which is vast and immeasurable. A mothers intuition causes her to see, hear, and know what her child needs. She knows when to spring into action and when to remain calm. The gentle caress of a mothers hand lets her child know that they are safe. Caring for her child is the most important thing a mother does. It is the reason she lives. Mothers are always seeking to give their children the best. The connection between mother and child starts from birth. Every day she looks forward to seeing what her child will do next.

Her child’s amazing smile, beautiful eyes, and love for dancing are all heart-warming. It does not matter how old her child is, she is there to listen, cry or share special moments in her child’s life. Even in those moments when she feels overwhelmed the love for her child keeps her going. Help from another mother, even though a stranger, helps her to know she’s not in this alone. The rewards of being a mother are endless and knowing that Hyland’s is there when she needs them gives her a peace of mind.

Hyland’s, a homeopathic medicine company, was founded over 100 years ago with Mothers in mind. Mothers can depend on Hyland’s for safe and natural homeopathic medicines to treat the ailments of her child. Mothers can take comfort in knowing that Hyland’s is there when she needs them. Hyland’s has her back when her child has an earache or a stuffy nose. Hyland’s is a Mother’s Peace of Mind for all ages.

Hyland’s teething tablets were discontinued in 2016 due to an issued warning. Hyland’s now carries a new product that helps parents and children dealing with oral pain during the day or night.

Shafik Sachedina The Renowned Dental Surgeon

Shafik Sachedina was born in 1950 in Tanzania East Africa. In his teenage, Sachedina relocated to the U.K to attend Guy medical college in London. He then joined a school of dentists in London where he got his training as a dental surgeon. Since then he has worked as an active surgeon specializing in dental surgery in different hospitals in London and established himself a position of being the best dental surgeon in the nation.

Other than dental surgery services, Sachedina participates in community work service. He has been a huge contributor for several years at the Institute of Ismail studies. This institution was founded in 1977 with its main goal being to make awareness on the ethos of Islam’s via publications and initiatives in order to sanction this religion globally. This establishment has the largest library, which has publicized so many publications in journal’s form, magazines, and books that contain Islamic content to promote the Islamic culture and religion. Read this Article at Wikipedia to know more.

He serves the institution at several essential capacities. Shafik Sachedina heads Ismaili Institute Department, which operates around sixteen nations worldwide. He is charged with the accountability of making sure that all the sixteen divisions of the organization carry out their functions competently and smoothly. Shafik Sachedina also holds the designation of duties and functions in these sixteen branches. He is also a board member in the organization which is the decision-making arm in the institution. They make verdicts pertaining to major events and other stuff in the foundation. These verdicts are made after a detailed discussion among all the members of the board.

Shafik Sachedina is also a network board member at Aga Khan growth network. This establishment basically focuses on ensuring that economic development of Muslims is maintained. He joined the leadership at Sussex Health Care Corporation. The corporation, which specializes in providing sustenance and care to homes mainly in Sussex County, is located in the south of England. This firm has been in action for more than twenty -five years. Being one of the initiators of the company he has helped in the delivery of quality services to the individuals residing in the healthcare facility. Visit:



Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Boosts Self Esteem with Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is an art in itself and requires extensive experience in order to master a certain appearance that a patient desires. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a distinguished board certified plastic surgeon who not only focuses on the needs of the patient but also allows himself to be caring and warm during the process. With his patient’s comfort in mind, he provides a hotel room in the facility with a nurse for recovery. He attracts patients all across the world.

Focusing on his undergraduate studies, he attended University of Michigan. Furthering is education he then attended University of Michigan Medical Center, where he was a resident in plastic surgery. He is also specialized in aesthetic surgery. His current practice is located in Dallas, Texas and also affiliates with Dallas Medical Center and Pine Creek Medical Center.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar concentrates on the nose, face, eyes, and breast for plastic surgery. Showing his commitment to his patients, he unveils his sensitivity and warmth by attentively listening and pays attention to meticulous details. Not only does Dr. Jejurikar focus on his patients’ needs, but his medical team and staff also do. They form a close relationship from the beginning of the process to the end. According to reviews, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is one of the top physicians in the nation and was honored with the Compassionate Doctor Certification.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has a goal to help his patients achieve a more youthful appearance or focus on tummy tucks, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation. Not only does he help his patients that visit him at his office, he also helps the less fortunate by participating in medical missions. Through an organization called Smile Bangladesh, he was able to help less fortunate children.

NewsWatch TV: SteelSeries Review

NewsWatch is a series that began in 1990 that features stories including: medical breakthroughs, travel, finance, celebrities, charities, legal issues, new product introductions, public policy issues and various other topics. When the company first started, its primary focus was on financial issues. Now, they have expanded their scope to become more of a TV news magazine exploring a variety of topics.

Currently, NewsWatchTV airs weekly and reaches millions of households nationwide and has featured numerous celebrities and entertainers such as Mila Kunis, Will Smith, Chris Pratt, and Denzel Washington to name a few. Over the past year, they have also had several well-known companies appear on the show including NASCAR, Suave, Kelly Blue Books, Ford, Toyota, Discovery Channel and more. In a span of 25 years, NewsWatch has reached over 700 million people, which makes it one of the most prosperous independently produced news magazines on television.

SteelSeries is an international electronics and headphone company fueling the gaming industry by creating new and innovative products designed especially for passionate gamers. They create and distribute products such as keyboards, mousepads, headsets and more.

While working with the NetWatch team, SteelSeries had a goal to promote their products to as many potential customers as possible, and also be able to utilize the professional video series for future use in their marketing campaigns. Tori Pugliese, a representative from SteelSeries stated that collaborating with NetWatch was an excellent experience, a seamless process and that they were able to deliver their message to their consumers effectively. They were also able to repurpose the video to market onto their social media channels.

OSI Group is one of the best meat processing companies

When you go to the supermarket to purchase meat products, you must consider the origin of the product. It is essential to buy products from a company that is recognized and has built a reputation because that is the only way you can be assured of quality. There has been the inception of many food companies, and that has led to the entry of low-quality products. You also need to read all the instructions and ingredients to know what you are consuming. Many people have discovered the food industry is a lucrative one and that is why they have started companies without the right methods. Also, when you are buying a product at a restaurant, you need to be careful and choose a recognized brand. OSI Group is a company known for offering the best food products in the market. It is respected all over the world because of being consistent in providing food products.

If you have been purchasing meat products from the local supermarkets, you may have come across the meat products from OSI Group. Today it has become an international company, and customers from all over the world have been enjoying quality products from the company. It has the main offices situated in Illinois, Aurora but it has also established other offices in different countries. Its impact has been felt everywhere after the establishment of several food processing plants in different countries. OSI Group is now serving millions of people all over the world. It specializes in various food products like protein-packed foods. These are packed and sold at the local supermarkets. OSI Group has served many restaurants and supermarkets all over the world.

Although OSI Group is privately owned, it has been successful and competitive in the industry. The best part is that the company has the best leadership. Sheldon Lavin acts as the Chief Executive Officer and has served the company diligently since he joined. It has been years of success for the organization that started from a humble background. He has an excellent vision for the company, and he is always working hard to ensure the vision is accomplished.

About OSI Group:

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