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Geoffrey Cone and New Zealand’s Tax Transparency


Recently, there were some media reports claiming that New Zealand was a tax haven and about the increase in foreign trusts. Lawyer Geoffrey Cone gave a reply on the article by debunking the myth that NZ is a tax haven. Mr. Cone stated that this was incorrect and gave several facts to argue out his case. He stated that New Zealand has never and will never appear on the list of tax havens in the world maintained by OECD. Cone explained that New Zealand does not lack transparency on matters tax and does not have any procedures or laws that inhibit exchange of information with governments that request for such information.


How does New Zealand demonstrate its Leadership in Tax Transparency?

New Zealand was among the first countries that appeared on the white list of OECD for the full implementation of the 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters. This agreement is meant to support the free exchange of information between governments on tax matters. New Zealand has also demonstrated its leadership in as far as tax transparency is concerned on its handling of foreign trusts. There are various requirements that have been placed on the trustees that have all been geared towards helping other governments that need such relevant information.


Introduction of New Rules

Michael Cullen introduced some new rules in this sector in 2006 after wide consultations. Under the new regime, a foreign trust resident trustee from NZ has to submit a Foreign Trust Disclosure form (IR607) as required by IRD, and to maintain financial and various records for tax purposes in New Zealand. These include trust deeds, details of settlements and distributions that ought to include the identity of the resident and their address. It should also contain the trust’s liabilities, assets and the money received and spent by a trustee. The records should be kept in New Zealand and must be in English language. Failure to keep them results in heavy penalties.


About Geoffrey Cone

Geoffrey Cone was awarded with LLB honors and a further post graduate diploma in tax and trust law from the University of Otago in New Zealand. He began practicing in Auckland before moving to Christchurch, where he made Partner and became the chair of the Partners in a top law firm. Mr. Cone used to practice in Commercial Litigation, and tax and trust advisory work. He made appearances in various courts that include the Privy Council. Having spent two years as a litigator in British West Indies, he went back to Auckland in 1997 and two years later established his own law firm. Cone Marshall Limited became the only law firm in New Zealand that specializes exclusively on international tax and trust planning as well as offering trust and trustee management services via its affiliated companies.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

In regards to the Manse on Marsh, which is an assisted living facility, they like to let their actions do all of the talking for them. They like to feel as though they are not just going to say things and not back them up. That is not their style and that is not their game. Their style is to be upfront with each and every person that enters their assisted living facility. They are honest with the family members as well. They want them to know what to expect for the person that is closest to them. After all, they are concerned and worried about them, and they want to make sure everything is going to be on the up and up.

As soon as they walk into the Manse on Marsh, they get this feeling of home, which is a hard feeling to replicate. However, The Manse on Marsh has done it and that is because they have a staff that is top notch. No one is going to work for them unless they pass the test. They have to have patience, they have to care, and they have to truly love the job, and have an interest in it. Again, actions speak louder than words and right now, they have won “The Caring Star” award, which is a big honor.

It is a team effort at this facility. They go out of their way to assemble a team that can handle anyone and everyone that is there. Everyone is different and that is the beauty of the world that is around today. People are not the same and they have different needs and wants. Because of this, it is important to take the time to get it right and they do get it right. The award says it all. People have voted on this and these are residents and family members.

If they were unhappy, they would say they were unhappy and they would talk about why they were unhappy. Instead, they are raving about the place and saying what a life-changing experience it was for them.

Revolutionized Hair Care

WEN hair is a innovative approach to hair care developed by Los Angeles based celebrity hair stylist, and salon owner Chaz Dean. Chaz’s principles when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle are indicative of his line of revolutionary hair care products. To maintain the health of his clients’ hair, Chaz used a conditioning cleansing technique in lieu of shampoo which led to the development of the WEN 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner. This trendsetting, sulfate-free, and gentle cleanser was designed to maintain shine and body without stripping the hair of its natural oils unlike many conventional shampoos and conditioners.

Hair care does not have to be complicated nor compromise the health of your hair. WEN is not only hair care redefined, its 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner introduces a simple method to contribute to any hair care routine with the use of just one product. Created with multiple hair types in mind, Wen hair provides formulas to meet various hair care needs with the use of safe ingredients. In addition to its Cleansing Conditioner, WEN offers styling products, treatments, and oils to compliment its ground-breaking cleanser. When choosing hair care products, you want ingredients you can trust that will prevent damage, hydrate and rejuvenate your hair. Updates? follow Wen Hair on Twitter.

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Avi Weisfogel’s Advancements in Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel established Dental Sleep Masters. Avi is making an effort to diagnose and treat sleep apnea. Lately, medical experts have increasingly been aware of the adverse effects of sleep apnea. Medical experts have carried out research on sleep apnea. The study helps in disclosing the relationship between sleep apnea and other severe diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel has experience in sleep disorders, diagnosis, treatment and he is on the move to modify the industry. Dr. Avi Weisfogel guides the basis to aid in diagnosis and treatment people suffering from sleep apnea. Most individuals who suffer from this condition never get diagnosed. Dr. Weisfogel knows very well that this matter requires a lot of time and expertise. Therefore, Dr. Weisfogel and his group at Dental Sleep Masters have a desire to stand out on this serious disorder.


The Dental Sleep Masters have come up with a new model of primary and secondary care doctors, which will encompass the certified sleep physicians and the sleep labs they manage. Both doctors and sleep doctors have been interlinked by dentists who have the ability to provide the required reinforcement for those infected with sleep apnea. As more breakthroughs come up, the treatment of this condition might increase with time. Some those suffering from sleep apnea do not give a positive response to the mechanical treatments that were developed previously. The new therapies techniques are becoming friendlier to the user and smaller in size. The small implantable gadgets cannot be used with a noisy machinery or uncomfortable mask.


Individuals with sleep apnea wake up many times a night and treatment should be based on stimulating the airway muscles to remain open. The approved stimulation is upper airway stimulation. The model that was developed by Dr. Avi Weisfogel is integral in finding answers that will be of advantages to the whole population. It will help in treating patients who had not been diagnosed.


About Dr. Avi

Dr. Avi Weisfogel established his first dental practice in 1999 known as Old Bridge Dental Care. He went ahead and formed many companies in the industries that are related to dental sleep disorders. Avi earned BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University. He also received a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry.

Securus Technologies, Inc. Acquires JPay, Inc.

Securus Team and JPay are teaming up to provide a digitized and ultimate platform for payment, entertainment, communications, and education in the correctional market. Securus announced that it signed a purchase agreement to acquire JPay. JPay is the company that introduced email, electronic payments, and a host of education and entertainment-related apps to the correctional market. The company operates in 33 state inmate systems.


These transactions have thirsted the company into a fast-growing segment of the corrections industry. Email, payments, and inmate tablets are some of the products provided by the corporation. Securus is set to offer high-end software-based solutions needed in the correctional market for a modernized jail. The company admires JPay as a force of motivation in the industry. For some time, we have been watching the success of the enterprise. This was the best time to combine efforts for better productivity. When you want the best price for the best products, there is a clear choice now that provides the best security with reduced recidivism.


Ryan Shapiro, the JPay CEO, says that they are eager to expand their capabilities and market. Their products provide particular value to every constituent. The prison family, staff, friends and inmates benefit from these services. Their main focus is to develop state-of-the-art products gaining adoption in the market on a massive scale. While secures Technologies supports us, all our dreams will come true with time.


The company’s vision is upheld by the team of workers. They develop products that make jails more efficient, safer and make the inmate’s valuable citizens once they leave the premises. Secures values the JPay team and culture. This means that they will support all their course to make a brighter future. However, Securus deep relations and will prove to be advantageous to JPay. JPay is based in Florida. It provides inmate email, payments, and tablet products.

Stephen Murray passes away

The business world depends on quality leaders to guide the way. The right leaders can help the business world see new innovations or just allow workers to reach their full potential. For many years, Stephen Murray was one of the top leaders in the financial industry. He worked his way up the corporate ladder, and eventually became a leader at CCMP capital. He turned CCMP capital into a power within the private equity industry. Unfortunately, Stephen Murray recently passed away.

Stephen Murray worked at CCMP Capital up to the age of 52. He left the company about a month before his death for “health-related” reasons. He had served with the company and the previous firms since the late eighties. The company was once part of Chase Capital Partners, but eventually became called JPMorgan Partners. JPMorgan Partners grow to be quite large throughout the nineties and the 2000s. Eventually, JP Morgan became one of the world’s largest private equity firms. By 2007, JP Morgan Chase became very large and they were ready to spin-off parts of the company. JP Morgan spun-off their private equity division into CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray was an obvious choice as CEO, and he did a fantastic job in that role.

Stephen Murray excelled at CCMP Capital, but he also contributed significantly to other companies. Stephen sat on numerous boards and willingly gave his insights to the leadership at these companies. He loved serving with Octagon Credit Investors, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, and numerous other company boards. Each board seat is a part of Stephen Murray’s legacy.

The leadership at CCMP was saddened by Stephen’s death. Greg Brenneman, chairman of CCMP, gave a brief statement to the media. He stated that he was extremely saddened by Stephen’s death. He passed his condolences and the condolences of the entire CCMP family on to Stephen’s family. Stephen strongly valued his family and considered their needs with every step he takes. Greg also pointed out that Stephen Murray’s contributions to CCMP Capital were huge. Murray was a talented investor and a great dealmaker who was born to excel at private equity.

Stephen Murray was a very talented businessman on Crunchbase. He worked hard during his time at CCMP Capital, and he took the company to the top of the private equity world. The impact that he left on the business world will be felt for years to come, and CCMP is committed to honoring his memory.

Learn more about Steve Murray:

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Chris Skiff Appoints Farron Bernhardt as CEO of The Manse on Marsh


On September 8th, 2016 Chris Skiff, Owner of The Manse on Marsh appoints Farron Bernhardt as Chief Executive Officer. The award-winning senior and retirement living facility is headquartered in San Luis Obispo serving communities in Arroyo Grande, Paso Robles and other nearby areas. Mr. Skiff has successfully established over 20 senior communities to meet the needs of seniors and retirees; providing them with spacious homes, social activities, nurse care, personal assistance, dining, and maid services. From 2014 through 2015, The Manse maintained an all-time review rating of five-stars from its customers and/or family members.

Farron Bernhardt joins The Manse on Marsh with more than 30 years of experience fulfilling leadership positions in the senior housing industry. He is former Vice President of Assisted Living for Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development, and has built a reputation for his management expertise. Farron said he’s honored to join The Manse Team and ecstatic about setting superior standards for the providing caregiving and living services in the Central Coast community and close communities. Chris Skiff chose Bernhardt because of his prior and broaden knowledge in helping to oversee daily operations assisted living facilities.

Our Parents recently recognized The Manse on Marsh as the Best of 2016 Caring Star, the second consecutive award. The senior living community is now considered as the nation’s top one percent senior care providers. Manse is known in the San Luis Obispo community for its lifestyle options; including adjacent homes, cottages, studios and single bedrooms. Their caregivers and medicine technicians are available to assist tenants with 24-hour daily services.

After Chris Skiff completed studies at the University of California Los Angeles, he entered the senior living industry. Since he was 23 years old, he had a passion to contribute to the community and cater to seniors and retirees. He built facilities in communities designed to provide independence, privacy and safety. The Manse on Marsh also offers complimentary services to assist with housekeeping chores, such as making up beds and trash removal. Farron Bernhardt will continue with fulfilling the mission of The Manse, including expansion and perfecting its services.

Cleaning Up Your Reputation: Pushing Bad Articles Down Search Results Is A Start

Whenever you run a business or non-profit organization, you always have to check search engines to see what others are saying about you. Whether you’ve felt that your business has done well or not, negative press can always turn up online and it’s important that you know about it and do something to address it. Reviews are always going to come up on sites like Google, social media platforms, blogs, and even news sites may publish something. If your business in general has had mostly satisfied customers, chances are bad reviews will be at a minimum, but still that one dissatisfied customer could throw a wrench in everything.

Sometimes articles are published with bad information about you or your business simply because you or an employee at your company made a mistake and someone had to try and turn it into a national incident. Other times, a competitor may be trying to publish false or misleading information about you or your business, and when that happens you need to make sure the real truth is put out. But the best way to fight against bad press is to publish good press that outnumbers the bad press. Putting out press releases from your business website is one way to do this, but you also may want to consider hiring an online reputation management firm.

Reputation management firms can help cleanup messy situations when things have gotten really messy and you need some extra help to bury bad news. Most of the bad press that shows up about a company will show up on page 1 of search engines like Google or Bing, so a reputation management company that can put good press on page 1 of these search engines will take care of most of your problems. One such reputation management company that can do this is can replace bad articles with good ones focusing on the positives of your business, such as customers who’ve highly reviewed your business or how it has changed their lives. They can also list philanthropy and giving back to the community that you’ve been involved with and other things that outweigh one or two bad incidents. Simply go to their website and you can contact them and explain your case in its entirety. All you have to do is fill in your name and email and they will respond back to you in 12 hours or less.

Bury Bad Articles Helps All Companies Look Better Online

Bury Bad Articles helps a lot of companies with their reputations, and they are trying to be sure that all the negative things they are used to seeing will not be there anymore. IT is very important that someone who has been through some kind of reputation crisis has made sure that they have used this service, and they can ask for a lot of content writing that will change how their business is perceived. Bury Bad Articles can keep this up for a long time, and they will make sure that they have all their content published in obvious points online.

Bury Bad Articles has to look at the way that people are perceived online, and they have to start thinking of how they will make a change. They are writing content that can be used online to make their clients look better, and they also need to be sure that they have figured out how to make the most of the image that they now have. Their image will actually get a lot better, and they will have a chance to feel like they are no longer seen as the company that had that bad PR problem online.

The problems that companies experience online are hard to deal with in most cases because they are issues that have to be dealt with in a simple manner. The information that is online today has to be replaced with something new to bury bad news, and the something new is provided by the people at Bury Bad Articles. This is a very specific type of online reputation management that a business gets, and they need to know that they can have that content published for long periods of time if they have to. There is no other way to make their reputation shine online in the future.

Hawks Former Owner, Bruce Levenson, is Suing

The former owner of the Hawks has decided to take out a lawsuit against the insurance company that disclosed information that they should not have. He believes that there was a breach in the contract when they gave out information that they should not have. It was something that they did maliciously.

Bruce Levenson owned the Hawks in combination with a partner for a few years. He profited off of them while he was the owner, but his partner and him recently sold the team to a different owner. This was done so that they could make more profit and so that they would be able to benefit from what they had built the team up to in the time that they owned it. As an entrepreneur, Levenson knew that this was the right choice for the team and for what he wanted to get out of owning the team.

According to, before it was sold, there was an insurance company that gave information to other people. These were people who were looking for more information because they possibly wanted to buy the team. The insurance company was not authorized to give out this information and it was a breach in the privacy contract that they had in place with Levenson and his partner. It was a major issue and one that Levenson is still reeling from because he knows that it was wrong that they did this and that they were doing it with the intent to be malicious about the business that they had.

When the lawsuit came out, many people thought that it had to do with the current owner. Both the insurance company and Bruce Levenson have assured everyone that it has nothing to do with the new owners. They were not a part of the problem and they are not involved in the suit. The only people who are involved with it are the Bruce Levenson camp and the insurance company that breached the contract. He is suing them for millions of dollars because the privacy of the business and the team was compromised as a result of their information.

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