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Thor Halvorssen a thorn in the side of North Korea

Thor is a powerful name, and Thor Halvorssen is a powerful man—and he uses his power for good.

Thor runs a human rights organization, based in New York, which helps human rights campaigners from third world countries promote their causes. He doesn’t see much use in protesting against the United States government when other countries routinely engage in practices that are so much worse.11)

Indeed, Thor should know. He was raised in Caracas, Venezuela. His father was a high-ranking finance official in the government, but it wasn’t long before Thor saw his father thrown in jail after he tried to make high-level government corruption public. His mother, too, suffered for her beliefs. She was once shot and wounded as she protested the increasingly authoritarian government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Today, Thor organizes a yearly Human Rights event, perhaps the biggest in the world. It’s called the Human Rights Forum and takes place once a year in Oslo, Norway, a country to which Thor traces his roots. His grandfather was a Norwegian diplomat who stood up to the Nazis and lived in exile in South America. Thor invites dissidents and Human Rights campaigners from all over the world to the Forum. Also in attendance are rich philanthropists who are receptive to helping underfunded causes.

Aside from improving Human Rights all over the world, Halvorssen is also on a quest to stay young. He routinely injects himself with Human Growth Hormone and takes a handful of pills a day, all to give him bursts of energy.

It appears to be working, as he’s got bursts of energy in spades. He runs a Hollywood production company that helps produce Human Rights conscious films. He’s also a perpetual thorn in the side of North Korea.

The country, known as the Hermit Kingdom, especially draws Halvorssen’s ire. It’s been closed off to the outside world for the better part of 70 years, and now possesses a nuclear arsenal. All this, while its citizenry lives in awful conditions, many even dying of starvation. Halvorssen organizes hackathons against the North Korean regime and smuggles in contraband.

A Taste Of Exotic Summer With Acai Blueberry

Acai is becoming a more popular flavor and food item, making it’s way into yummy acai bowls and acai juice. The “power of dark fruit” is touted as antioxidant rich foods that help to combat free radicals and keep the body healthy. The best thing about antioxidants are that these powerful nutritional fighters can be found in sweet orbs of fruit. Blueberry and acai is a combination of berries that provides a delicious and summery taste, and it can be found in EOS lip balm. Acai Blueberry Lip Balm is a delicious flavor and scent that is 95% all natural and 100% organic.

EOS lip balms were made to hydrate and moisten the lips with a smooth and precise application without having to use the fingers to do so. These orbs of balm were invented for women who wear lip balm several times a day and didn’t want to have to get their fingers covered in lip balm for application. The top twists off and reveals a spherical balm that conforms to the shape of the mouth for swift and accurate application. The top easily twists back on to secure the balm so it is safe to throw back in a purse, bag, or makeup drawer.

EOS started selling these products on Ulta, Walmart and Target just seven years ago and since then has held true to their product design and what it is they offer. Their products began as an all natural formulation and it is still the same packaging design and all natural formulation as it was when they began the brand seven years ago, the only difference is that today they are able to offer more fun and interesting flavor combinations as the seasons change. Mix up the winter and bring a little exotic summer into it with Acai Blueberry Lip Balm.


Bob Reina Wants to Change the World

Bob Reina, Talk Fusion founder, has a reputation for giving back and investing in the community. He built his video communications company on helping his clients connect and build their businesses. Since the company started in 2007, Reina also made sure to dedicate himself to investing in the community as well as his clients. Reina has always felt that with his success comes a responsibility to give back.


He has lived up to his word. He has given a record breaking million dollar donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to help local stray animals. He has given to orphanages, disaster victims, and other countless charities. He has also tasked his employees across 140 countries to do the same.


As a testament to his confidence in his product, he has asked that each employee give a charity of their choice one free full access account. The free account is for the custom monthly plan, which is the best plan Talk Fusion has to offer. Video chat, video newsletter, and the other amazing features are all included. His goal behind the new program is simple. He wants these noble charities to connect to people to their message quickly.


Bob Reina has a vision to change the world through his giving. He wants to improve his community and others world wide. Through his efforts and his commitment, he has shown his passion and dedication for others.


Talk Fusion, a video communications company, is about connecting businesses quickly and easily. Bob Reina started the business out of his own frustration in sending a video email to his mother. Now, he has created a successful business that is growing. His award winning video chat continues to break records and his full access, no commitment free trial allows potential customers to see the benefits of Talk Fusion products.

Why Is ClassDojo Beneficial To Our Education System


For a long time, the relationship between teachers and parents has not been quite good. Poor communication has contributed to the poor performance of most students. This factor hurts problem solving between the teachers and the parents. Sometimes students have problems that require the attention of both the teacher and the parent. Having no link connecting the two makes the problem even bigger and affect students’ performance either directly or indirectly. By establishing a platform for teachers, student and parents, there is a chance of solving problems facing the students. It can also provide ground-up change process in schools. This change can help in students’ performance either in class or in co-curricular activities.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a name of a Francisco-based start-up company. The company developed a smartphone application to provide a platform where students, teachers, and parents can connect, share ideas and solve problems together. Since its inception, the company has been focusing on making education better. For first three years, it did not perform well. ClassDojo upgraded and equipped the app with more features. Today, over 85000 schools across the United States are using the application.

Services Offered By the App

By installing the app on your smartphone, as a parent, you can access all the information on your kid. These includes performance in class, cocurricular activities, and books needed. Parents can also make payments using the app among other things. By having access to these details, you can know how your kid is doing, notably his or her strengths and weaknesses. Parents can also communicate using the application and choose whether to involve the student in the conversation or not. Students can also use the application to access homework, share ideas with others, and engage in class-based group discussions.


Two out of three schools in the United States are currently using the application. ClassDojo says that the number of users is rising daily. If all schools in the country adopt the app, student performance will drastically improve. Moreover, it will pave the way for a community of learners through the platform.


Since the application was re-launched, it has received lots of positive response. The growth has accelerated, and more schools can access the ClassDojo service. Recently, the company raised about $21 million; the money will be used for app development and marketing. ClassDojo also offers their services to other countries.

Securus Technologies Clears the Patent Rights Issue with GTL

Securus Technologies is a firm, which deals with the provision of secure and reliable civil and criminal justice technology. The company has its operations based in Texas, and it serves more than 3000 correction facilities, penitentiaries, and prisons. Securus Technologies offers technology to those facilities, which allow prisoners to keep in touch with their families and friends. Their technology is also helpful in cases of emergencies. The technology is also substantially in helping in record keeping. Providing inmates with such services in crucial under the United States law. Securus services are also leveraged to propagate public safety.


Richard Smith, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, announced that the company had made a significant acquisition of a fast growing company, Jpay in 2015. According to Securus’ CEO, the acquisition would foster Securus Technologies’ upscaling of its technological innovations and as such, offer excellently reliable services to the prison industry. The firm intended to provide its services to 33 additional facilities.


Securus Technologies issued a press release on February 22, 2016. The press release was designed to correct some inaccuracies inherent in GTL’s press release dated February 19.

GTL leveled claims that the PTAB served as the final decision makers and had made a ruling against Securus Technologies. The United States law offers a chance for an appeal, which would otherwise render the decision of the PTAB legal before the appeal. Apparently, GTL insinuated that Securus Technologies played down the PTAB members. Securus Technologies stood against the statement as its impact on the suit would be negative.


GTL ultimately failed to honor a technology challenge supplied to them. Apparently, GTL was disturbed with the idea that they would lose. The significant investment in technology by Securus is an indicator that they will continue to create more innovations. The legality for filing for a patent regarding any product is indisputable. Thus, the seeking of a patent by Securus Technologies for an $800 million software is merited. For a long time, Securus has been providing technology to law enforcement agencies to help manage correction facilities.


IAP Worldwide and US Navy Lucrative Contract

IAP Worldwide could not hide their pride when they won a contract worth $900 million from the US Navy. The company is among other four who are also privileged to offer their services to the US Navy. IAP Worldwide, which boasts of a wide range of services and experience in their field, said that they are proud to work with the US Navy and to offer their unique services to them.

IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide, which is well-known on the global platform, has been successful in the past working with many organizations that have praised their hard work and excellent services. The team has also collaborated with the DoD organization and achieved massive success. They have also been working with the Air Force on their programs. Among the services that IAP Worldwide is expected to offer to the US Navy include providing construction on humanitarian projects, dealing with natural disasters and providing services to the armed forces.

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US Army Contract

Since IAP was established, it has proven that it can perform and give value for money. Because of the records that the IAP sets in providing services, it was also awarded another contract with the army which is worth $53 million. The deal’s main aim is to implement the DCGS-A system for the military. The deal involves data set up for hardware processing, the operation of warehouses and training. The organization is expected to offer its outstanding services as it has always done in the past.

Efforts on Humanitarian Support

IAP Worldwide has always provided excellent services and support, and that is why it could not be left behind during Hurricane Mathew and was chosen as the company that could help those affected. The team worked smartly and immediately positioned teams to different bases in Florida, Fort Bragg, North Carolina and Orlando. The states that were afflicted by the hurricane recovered thanks to the great support they received from IAP Worldwide. The company provided power in cases of emergency, communication and professional expertise.

The organization has a contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers, and that is why they were there to provide relief services to those affected by the hurricane. It has co-ordinated with different government entities. They assisted in removing people from the areas impacted by the hurricane, and it was a success.

About IAP

IAP Worldwide service is a company that has been working globally for over 60 years amassing a lot of achievement and experience. It was originally started to work with the US army, but it has since expanded its operations becoming a leading provider of a broad range of solutions in the world.

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Benefits of Online Reputation Management in Brand Strengthening

In this digital age, your online reputation is very important for the success of your business. It determines whether clients will buy from you. Therefore, if you have no plan for ORM or think that it is not important for your business, you need to change your stance. Within a few minutes of bad reviews of your business, you could well reach the pits. Here are some ways in which ORM strategies might help your business.


The key to acquiring more customers and increasing sales is to ensure that your reputation instills trust. Be wary of the internet and its ability to spread a bad review. Therefore, have a monitoring plan to track what people are saying about you online. Also, make sure that you have a plan to react to their feedback. This will help you stay in control and whenever an attack arises, you will be able to address it before it can cause too much damage.

Improving products and Service Delivery

Online reviews should help you improve your business practices. Instead of just tracking your online reputation so that you can respond to attacks immediately, use the reviews to better your business. Most customers who write negative reviews will touch on areas that are not satisfactory. Use this information and work on your business.

Pressing Charges

Online reputation management helps you track attacks on your business and file a lawsuit if you are accused unfairly. Do not just let anyone maliciously attack your business. No one should have the power to unjustifiably ruin a business that you have put so much time, effort and money on.

Pushing Down Negative Articles

Online reputation management will help you bury bad articles so that your clients have less chances of seeing them. ORM will enable you come up with a plan to do so. You can either write engaging and helpful content on your official website or on your blog website. You can also use social media tools to help with this initiative.


Riding the Wealth Wave


The road to wealth and financial stability is very mysterious. People on the top of the mountain seem so far away from those looking up at them. Hard work and dedication it is often mentioned when speaking of attaining wealth. However, many hard-working people rarely see the fruits of their labors. Oftentimes hard work piles up on top of hard work. The chance to elevate to a higher level of financial existence gets missed. Sometimes people give up on the idea altogether.

VTA Publications exists to assist those who are who are determined to take the next step in investments and finances. The company provides services to investors who are looking to enter into the stock market. There are webinars and DVDs available. Advisors at VTA Publications have a hands-on policy when dealing with clients. They literally stand by each investor during the process using the phone or email.

Jim Hunt is a top advisor at VTA. He believes that there is always an opportunity to be successful in the stock market. He specializes in taking advantage of the market when it is down. He calls this concept, “Riding the Wealth Wave.” There’s always money in the stock market. Investors need to know who is in control of the money at a particular time. Knowing how to take advantage of the various trends in stocks is what gives the investor an edge over those who do not.

Millionaires are made in the stock market on a regular basis. Jim Hunt understands that a person can not be intimidated by what they don’t know. The desire to seek the knowledge necessary for making the next move is what determines the final outcome. He lends his expertise to clients ready to make bold moves. The point is to make sure that each investor understands the process. In time confidence will build and making such transactions will not seem as risky. The wealth wave must be caught at the perfect time. When this happens the investor will be in position to benefit from the full force of a market that is turning in their favor.


Betting on March Madness to Win Big

The college basketball season in the United States is one of the most competitive organized sports seasons in the entire country. While the regular season and conference tournaments are a lot of fun and competitive, the sport popularity and competitiveness really begins to increase with the NCAA tournament in the Spring, which is commonly referred to as March Madness.

March Madness is a 68-team single-elimination tournament, which is comprised of the 20 teams that won their conference championships and the next 48 best teams based on the criteria set forth by the selection committee. While some schools have been historically dominant in the tournament, it is over all considered the most exciting sporting event in the country each year.

When watching the March Madness tournament, it is very common to gamble on the games. Millions of people across the world will fill out their blank brackets that predict who they think will win the championship. While it can be a lot of fun to bet on the tournament as a whole is a bracket pool, many people also like to bet on the individual games and pick regional and total winners. When looking to place a bet on March Madness odds, a great place to start is with is a popular sports gambling website that provides players with the best odds, most amount of bet options, and even a significant amount of analysis on each game.

While betting on a single game in college basketball during March Madness is fun, and can lead to a considerable amount of extra money made, it can also be fun to play prop bets that are available. Some of the most popular prop bets will include betting on which player will score the first basket, who will score the most points in a game, and which team will score the most free throws. To truly enjoy prop bets, you will have to find a sports book that has a lot of options to choose from. One sports book that frequently has a significant amount of prop bets to choose from is normally has the most prop bets available, which will allow you to become more creative with your bets and capitalize on some inside information that you may have.

Work With The Best Service People At Handy

Home Cleaning At A Low Cost To The Consumer

Home cleaning solutions are not easy to come by. There was a time before the internet was around that customers would have to look through the background of a potential home cleaning service person by calling their references. Thanks to Handy, referrals are readily available in an easy to read format online, and each professional service person has already been accepted into Handy’s rigorous program.

There is plenty of information about what has to offer online and on their website. I found a great article on about all of the changes that Handy has went through over the years. The company launched in 2012 with the support of two founders from Harvard Business School. They had some steep competition at first, Homejoy and Mopp. Then, Homejoy went out of business in 2015, which was actually startling for some of the Handy employees, like Rebecca Greene, but Handy stayed in business and grew stronger.

Results That Matter

It is truly amazing that two students from Harvard can bring together people from all over the United States in a productive way that consumers appreciate. The site and platform they created are connecting satisfied customers who have no trouble setting up appointments with certified professionals that Handy has approved, so customers can trust that they are working with the best home cleaning and home repair service people in the industry.

Where To Find Out More About Handy

My research from lead me to understand how Handy has grown over the years, and these results could not have been presented here if not for the valuable information from this article. Take a look at what they have to say about Handy by going to this link.



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