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Eric Lefkofsky’s Constant Mission to Improve the Healthcare System

The cost of healthcare has been rising over the past few years, prompting medical researchers to look at the underlying reasons for the continuous rise. Researchers investigating changes in healthcare cost between 1996 and 2013 came up with a conclusion that the higher charges that Americans are experiencing are as a result of specific care that is intense and expensive as opposed to drug or medication prices. Population growth and an increase in the aging population were other factors driving the care cost changes. To be more specific, Americans spent $933 billion in 2013 more than they did in 1996. The researchers opted to break down healthcare cost into specific healthcare spending requirements of various diseases. Top spending drivers differed from one illness to another, for example, diabetes, had different value drivers compared to low back and neck pains.

In the thick and thin of the healthcare wobbles is Eric Lefkofsky who has co-founded a tech company, Tempus, that is working to build the necessary technological infrastructure to standardize and modernize treatment of cancer. Eric Lefkofsky’s venture collects huge amounts of genomic data, and through statistical analysis tools coupled with proprietary algorithms, they unearth opportunities specific to patients enabling physicians to make better and informed treatment decisions. The standardizing of cancer treatment will work in the long run to stabilize health care costs for cancer patients.

Philanthropically, Eric Lefkofsky has donated huge sums of money to charitable causes supporting cancer treatment and research. And in 2006 Eric Lefkofsky teamed up with his wife to establish the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. In its mission, the foundation hopes to support charitable, scientific, and educational organizations and causes across the globe. The foundation avails funds to medical research institutions such as North Shore University Health System in Chicago, Lurie Children’s Memorial Hospital which also hosts Lefkofsky Family Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital. Cancer centers such as American Brain Tumor Association founded by Susan Kramer, Damon Runyon, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center have all been beneficiaries of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation funds. On the global stage, the foundation’s funds causes working to enhance human rights.

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Betsy DeVos: The Education Secretarys Philanthropy

The 11th United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, has been in the headlines recently. Her confirmation as a cabinet secretary resulted in a tie, wherein half of the Senate rejected her application while the other half of the senate confirmed her. Mike Pence, the current vice president of the United States, has to step up and break the tie. He voted in favor of Betsy DeVos, confirming her as the 11th United States Secretary of Education. It was the first time that it happened in the history of the United States, and it is the reason why it made the news. Known as a vocal supporter of programs that are helping the population gain access to education and social welfare, Betsy Devos has been considered as one of the best choices to head the Education Department. She has been giving school vouchers to those who are having a hard time sending their children to school, and she is also an advocate of the freedom of school choice. She wanted to elevate the condition of American education, which is why she decided to work as the head of the Education Department. She believes that through her initiatives, the status of education in the United States can be improved.


Aside from working for the government, Betsy DeVos is also busy looking after her businesses. She is the daughter of Edgar Prince, known as the founder of Prince Corporation. She is married to Dick DeVos, a former Amway executive who belongs to one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the United States. Her influence in the world of business and politics has given her the edge in creating foundations and charities that will help the people who are in need. She is also using all her power to achieve the goal that she wanted in the first place – providing every American with quality and affordable education.


Betsy DeVos is actively participating in philanthropic works. She likes to help different groups and organizations which promote arts and education. She is also donating some of her money to several charities and foundations, and their family was even considered as one of the most generous families in the United States. Her family is also running several foundations, including The Prince Foundation, which was established by her father, where she served as the vice president; and The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, created by her husband. Through this foundation, they manage to donate some of their wealth to organizations and institutions which share the same idea that they are promoting. It includes schools, hospitals, research centers, museums, and even the Christian church’s missions. Betsy DeVos also plays a vital role in the establishment of Art Prize, an art competition that is currently known as one of the most significant art events in the world, attended by thousands coming from different countries.


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American Institute of Architecture raising awareness in design


The American Institute of Architects is an architecture group that provides education, government representation, community development and supporting architects. The company was endowed in New York in 1857 by 13 architects with the vision to advance scientific and practical perfection of its members to elevate professionalism. Its headquarters located at 1735 New York Avenue, NW in Washington DC. The organization consists of more than 90000 licensed architects who adhere to the professional code of conducts. The group contains five levels of membership. Architect members, these are licensed to practice by the authority in the United States. Associate members, not authorized but are under the supervision of an architect in a technical capacity. Internship earns one point toward getting a license. International associate members, hold a license outside the United States. Emeritus members are members for more than 25 years or at least 65 years of age. Allied members are people that are related to a particular building or design communities like engineers. The award for FAIA) fellow of the American Institute of architects is a prestigious award given to members who have contributed to national significance profession.

The group has over 200 employees. The member architects affect government practices of profession and quality American day to day activities. AIA works with community programs to elevate the designs of public spaces protect them and develop affordable housing. Intern’s development, architecture exams preparation programs are offered to help the younger professionals. The organization raises the public awareness of architecture and the importance of good design annually. The organization awards individuals and groups for their outstanding achievements.

Robert ivy is the executive vice president and chief executiveofficer of the American Institute of Architects; he strengthens the association by advocacy, public awareness and educative maneuvers that help serve the clients and communities in the ever-evolving world. His primary focus is public awareness; he impacted the AIA from its rich proactive stance to an active and widespread group. He managed to gain the following honors through his career, built new digital-first technology infrastructure, straightening governance and starting award-winning advocacy campaigns. Robert helps architects focus their attention on climate change, sustainability and effect of design to public health.

Robert won many honors in his editorial leadership; he is also honored by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi for efficiently communicating the importance of design. He shares the title of a master architect with others such as Mies Van der Rohe, Richard Buckminster Fuller, and IM Pei thus being in a 100year old history and among the first in the 21st millennia. He speaks more often about the meaning of architecture in our lives in the biography Fay Jones. Follow on Twitter.

OSI Industries’ Journey to international recognition

OSI Industries has continued to capture the global market through provision of excellent recipes and food products. The company has for decades produced superior services to its customers across the globe. OSI Industries’ head office is in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Industries’ expansion capabilities

Aside from being the top food provider, OSI Industries is the leading employer in the world. This company has provided jobs to more than 10,000 people. This company processes meat products, which are packaged and sold in various retail shops. Some of its items are also sold and served at numerous restaurants all over the world. OSI Industries is led by Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald who oversee the company’s operations in more than 17 countries. Under their leadership, OSI Industries has continued to expand its services in Europe. Recently, the corporation announced that it had acquired Baho Food, a Baho food processing company with subsidiaries in Netherlands and Germany. Before OSI Industries purchased it, Baho Foods controlled the food market in 18 countries in Europe. According to OSI Industries’ management, they plan to use Baho Foods influence to increase their sales and market themselves in Europe.

OSI Industries are also the current owners of Flagship Europe, a manufacturer of condiments, pies, and frozen poultry. This corporation acquired Flagship Europe in 2016 in order to take over the market in Germany and Spain. In the United States, OSI Industries has continued to buy its competitors, such as Tyson Foods, to increase its production capabilities. This corporation has succeeded in expanding its business due to continuous use of the latest technologies. Some of the tech solutions adopted by OSI Industries include X-ray equipment and metal detectors. OSI Industries has demonstrated a strong commitment to growth that is why they have continued to scale the heights of success.

About OSI Industries

OSI Industries also known as OSI Group is a food processing company. This company is built on a strong heritage of service and quality. OSI Group has been in business since 1908 and grown strong despite numerous economic downturns. This company is an international supplier of protein products with customers in Europe, Asia, North America, and parts of Africa. OSI Industries is one of the largest private food manufacturers in the world. This company has won numerous awards and is involved in various sustainability activities. OSI Industries also supports numerous charitable organizations in the United States and beyond.

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Unique Energy Supply and Services-Stream Energy

Not once or twice that we have received energy bill that is higher than what we expected, and wondered what went wrong or how we can reduce the usage of the energy. It is simple to reduce the energy usage as the cost of the electricity also comes down. People do not realize that small devices that are plugged into their houses may cause the rise of the energy bill. Tools such as computer screens which are not being used yet stay on throughout, coffee makers which stay on even after use, printers, DVR. These appliances when switched off if not in use can save one huge amount of dollars which in turn can be avoided or used for other expenses. Carefulness is all that is needed to save energy and money. Watch this video on Youtube.

Stream Energy is an energy firm which was created in 2004. Stream Energy is the distributor and the provider of home services, wireless, energy as well as protective. The energy organization was formed as an American electricity and natural gas firm. The group was established by Rob Snyder and his business partner Pierre Koshajki. In January 2005, the energy company was licensed by public utility commission as an energy provider company. The firm operates with their Headquarters located in Dallas, Tollway Center building. Visit Public Utility Commission of Texas website to know more about Stream Energy.

Ever since the establishment of the firm; the management has been marketing their products as well as services through word of mouth. Through their marketing strategy, they have been able to sell their products to a large number of clients making the firm one of the largest energy group in the world. Stream Energy pay their clients who market their products and services to others through word of mouth. Stream Energy has been experiencing a marvelous expansion since their inception. Having begun their operations in Texas, the firm has now spread and distributing their services and products to other States including; Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Washington Dc, Georgia, as well as Pennsylvania. Stream Energy is determined to provide quality energy services as well as products to their clients and building their reputation. The firm has launched a new mobile service to offer different plans to their clients through their mobile phones.


American Institute of Architects Looks at the World From the Ground Up

On April 15, 1857, the American Institute of Architect (AIA), was the time of the founded in New York City. At the time of the founding, there was no school of Architectures. Therefore, if one wanted to be considered an Architect, you granted yourself that privilege.

Eleven prominent architects were the first members of AIA as its founders, which included: Richard Upjohn, AIA’s first President, Charles Babcock, Henry Dudley, Jacob Wrey Mould, John Welch, Leopold Eidlitz, Richard Morris Hunt, Edward Gardiner, Fred A. Petersen, Joseph C. Wells and Henry W. Cleaveland.

The first School of Architecture was established by MIT in 1932 by its President, Karl T. Compton. The AIA is the United States professional organization for architects, which has its headquarters in Washington DC.

AIA Programs

The American Institue of Architects offers programs to its members including:

* Education

* Government advocacy

* Community redevelopment

* Public outreach

The architecture profession, as promoted by the American Institute of Architecture, a is seeking a higher profile to be relevant to the challenges faced by society. The architecture;l professional wants to be considered a significant force with the construction profession in reshaping America’s cities, promoting such issues as energy conservation and the effects of climate change.

The AIA Journal

The Journal of The American Insitute of Architects publishes many scholarly articles to educate the public and to keep architects informed., such as how climate change affects the architectural design and the ethical issues related to prison architecture.

One point of view is that the sea levels are rising as the result of melting of massive icebergs in Greenland and Antarctica which holds ninety-eight percent of the world’s ice.

Climate change and the rising level of the seas and oceans is related to building design. Buildings are designed to be sustainable for at least thirty years, while many buildings are still standing and, with modification, are still relevant.

However, with the rising sea levels, architects are concerned that society does not recognize the effects of sea level changes on the integrity of buildings.

The International Circle of Architecture Critics

CICA is associated with the American Institue of Architects.

The CICA is primarily an international architectural think tank. The CICA houses architectures critics, historians, and theorists to discuss and solve problems affecting architecture and society. The goal of the CICA is for its members to share their criticism and theories to keep architecture current and to make positive changes.

What to know about the brown modeling agency.

Founded in Austin, Texas during Spring in the year 2010. Brown Modeling agency is a service that is devoted to promoting and representing models from commercials, television, film, television, fashion, runway and other events. With Austin fashion week, New York fashion week, Miami Swim week Brown became a growing power in the modeling industry. Their models have offered exposure on thousands of brands across the globe.

In 2015 Wilhelmina Austin received Heyman-Talent-south and reinvented their brand as The Brown Modeling agency. This made a brown one of the top modeling agencies in the country as well as the state of Texas. It is important to note that, Brown Agency is the only full-service modeling agency in Austin,Texas. Wilhelmina Austinwas founded in 2010 and has become a strong force in the industry. This combination has created a created opportunity where Brown can have offices in Los Angeles as well as Dallas, but of course the headquarters will remain in Austin. The founder of The Brown Agency, Michael B. Bonnée, gave the media a statement, “We are thrilled to be joining The Brown Agency family,”. Clearly, he is excited to be a part of a modelling agency.

According to Marketwired, Justin Brown, one of the many businessmen involved with Brown Agency has been supportive of his models. According to, an Austin-based news source, Justin Brown’s Brown Agency looks after more than 450 talents. He moved to Austin in 2005, which has given him a lot of time to learn the industry in Texas and how to make his talents successful. In his time at college, he paid for his tuition costs by doing modeling and working for a modeling agency. He wants to take good care of his talents and wants to make sure that they are given fair compensation for how they contribute to the company. In college he studied Business Management. After becoming experienced in his modelling career, Brown became a trainer for other models. This means he would not only take his trainee’s skill to the next level, but he would also help others get more work in the industry.

The Brown Academy has open calls from 3-4pm every Thursday. This means that anybody who thinks they have the talent to join Brown Agency can do so. They are always looking to make great opportunities for their talents. It allows you to be on billboards, magazines or anywhere else advertisers want to put you at. This is a great option for those who do not meet the standard industry build.

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Amicus Therapeutics Breakthroughs

Amicus Therapeutics is a well-known biopharmaceutical company that was made public in 2007. The main focus of Amicus Therapeutics is to focus on diseases that are considered rare but have been abandoned by medical science research (Twitter). The main focus they have is on long-abandoned disorders that fall into the category of lysosomal storage disorders. Their goal is to create treatments for the category of disorders that are considered Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy Drugs.


Even though Amicus Therapeutics focuses on a wide range of research, they were noted in 2014 for having the largest catalog of information on small molecule pharmacological chaperones in the medication realm.


In 2014, they did not have any available drugs on the market, but they do have a large number of drugs in the works for the future, and a large number of them are considered to be scientific breakthroughs, even though they are not available yet and are still being perfected.


Currently, Amicus is only a research and breakthrough location. They are not capable of manufacturing the medications themselves. They are reliant on contract manufacturing, which allows them to focus on research as the larger picture.


Medical Research

Research into lysosomal storage disorders is extremely important, especially since it is considered to be a rare category of diseases and companies found researching the disorders difficult so they abandoned all attempts at finding medication, treatment, and a cure.


Amicus Therapeutics has cornered the market in their research and the drugs they are developing offer a lot of promise in the medical world, and not just in lysosomal storage disorder treatment. Their research could open the door to research on diseases that have been left untouched for years, if not decades. The research they have developed can be expanded upon to treat other disorders that are genetically linked to the condition.

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Osteo Relief Institute – The Importance of Taking Care of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is one of the diseases in the United States that is hurting adults and older people the most. It is a very common disease that is, among other reasons, originated because of bad eating habits and the lack of movement. That, coupled with a possible accident, and many American citizens can see themselves in the future suffering from the effects of Osteoarthritis if they don’t try to treat it in the early stages of development.


The disease is also called degenerative joint disease, and it is the leading health issue in all of the United States when it comes to illnesses that debilitate the movement of the body. It is the most common one, and many Americans suffer from the effects of that problem.


Because of how it is prevalent, there are many guidelines to how to lead your life carefully and make therapeutic actions to decreased the effects and pain of the osteoarthritis. These instructions, however, are often very scarce and shallow, as the disease is still a bit misunderstood by medicine even though it is very popular around the globe and first-world countries.


According to from a doctor from the Osteo Relief Institute, more than 50 million American citizens have developed the disease, and Osteoarthritis is just one type of the very complex health issue that is arthritis. There are many types of arthritis, and each of them has to be adequately cared and analyzed, which is one of the many reasons why the disease has very shallow therapy guidelines.


Because of the terrible effects that the disease has in Americans, there are institutes that have the focus of their physicians centered in treating and caring for osteoarthritis. Many Americans rely on institutes like the Osteo Relief Institute to give more advanced tips and life-changing habits to live better with osteoarthritis and lead a routine without pain (Facebook).


One of the most searched institutes for these treatments is the Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey.


The Osteo Relief Institute is famous for having some of the best experts in the United States, and for having a very positive feedback from patients that undertake their treatments and therapies.


If you do have osteoarthritis, is starting to feel pain in your joints, or know someone who has similar characteristics, the Osteo Relief Institute is one of the best organizations out there to treat the disease.

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Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group Surge Into Global Leadership in the Food Industry

The stewardship that Sheldon Lavin displays as the CEO of OSI Group is characterized by steady growth and success. He has been instrumental in turning the humble midwestern food processor serving at one location into a global concern that spans 17 different countries. They currently operate more than 70 facilities around the world as they continue to develop strategic partnerships with top food service and retail brands. Lavin’s vision has been their guiding light for decades and he continues his service as their CEO now into his eighties.

The relationship of Sheldon Lavin with OSI Group dates back to the early seventies when they were called Otto & Sons. He ran his own financial consulting firm back then and provided crucial help to the company as they sought to secure additional funding to fulfill an important contract to supply McDonald’s with beef patties. He continued his relationship with them and was able to acquire the company when the remaining original owners retired.

The inspiration for Lavin in owning this company was to build a world-class food processing enterprise. He has nurtured a culture of entrepreneurialism at OSI Group and employees are given significant latitude when accomplishing goals and strategies. He has avoided a typical corporate structure with orders from the top down and workers are encouraged to think creatively and pursue excellence in all they do. OSI Group strives to provide an atmosphere that is challenging and gives their workers room to grow.

OSI Group has been known for cultivating a family-like atmosphere and it helps employees feel connected to the company. Lavin gives a great deal of credit to the employees and believes that without their efforts the success wouldn’t have been as great as it is. He demonstrates his confidence in them with an open door policy to his office where everyone can have a voice.
The people of the corporate office have a nice esprit de corps about them as they all eat lunch together and ideas are freely floated about. They are also on a first name basis which helps foster the feeling of being with family and this includes Sheldon Lavin as well. He is called Sheldon or Shelly and the company also shows concerns for the family members of employees.

The vision for OSI Group in going forward is something that Lavin has considered and he views it as an opportunity to become a world leader in food processing. He feels confident about the future with the leadership that they have in place and will retire someday himself. But, that time hasn’t come yet as he still enjoys the work.

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